How to write Welcome Back to Office messages

Welcome employees back to the office with good wishes and motivational messages to inspire them for the regular work and tasks ahead!

The pandemic has forced people to work from home for almost every employee in organizations, due to social distancing rules and policies. However, many offices now are slowly opening up, and employees are returning to the office. As such, to motivate them for work in this tough situation, employers can send welcome back to office messages.

Welcome Back To Work

ways to write welcome back to office email messages

welcome back to office email messages

These messages would make the employees want to start work and be in the office as a regular schedule. Organizations and employers can include the following words and terms to write the perfect welcome back to office message. Some of the good examples are listed below:

Motivational ‘Welcome Back to Office’ Messages

    • Do not let the tough times of the present situation cause you to stray away from your fantastic work at the office. Welcome back to the office, and I look forward to working pleasantly with you.


    • Sometimes life throws us in a situation where we must choose between giving in to the tough times and fighting them with our regular schedule. As you resume your work in the office, I urge you to choose the latter option. Welcome back, and best wishes.


    • It’s essential in life to be able to face difficult times as good things aren’t available that easy. I commend your difficult work of facing the present situation and coming to the office and wish you good luck always. Welcome back!


    • It’s people like you who make tough choices in life and motivate a million others. I am thrilled to have you back in the office. Here is to even more exceptional accomplishments with you.


    • As you resume office, always remember that luck has a fascinating way of finding the ones who do hard work even at tough times. Welcome back to office, team!


    • By showing up to work in the pandemic situation, you’ve displayed your noble characteristics and ever hardworking spirit! We will surely attain more significant accomplishments if you continue this way. Welcome back to the office, colleague.

Back To Office Messages

    • Your return to work in this situation shows your indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to the work and office. I am incredibly proud to have you on my team. Welcome back, and continue the excellent work.


    • Coming back to the office with the zest you display is a clear indication of the professionalism you have and your hungry for success. I welcome you back to the office and wish you all the best.


    • You’ve displayed significant commitment of returning to the office, and, from this, I have become more confident of your kind spirit and that you will achieve greatness with the more significant tasks you are assigned. I wish you all the good luck and best days ahead.


    • It’s better to give your entirety to a task than to later regret of not doing your work well. I believe that you will follow this advice and accomplish great strides. Welcome back to the office!


    • As we resume office, it’s essential to plan everything- tasks, goals and vision. We are happy to have you back in the office. Please don’t hesitate to reach me in times of help.


    • I am happy to have you back to the office at these tough times. I encourage you to take this opportunity to transform yourself to be the most indispensable worker in the office. Welcome back to the office.


    • We want you to be back at the office as a revived professional who means business. And I believe you will be as you have achieved higher strides than that. Wishing you all the good luck. Cheers

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