THE HR DIGEST: Top Apps For Job Search

Have you heard about social media recruitment? Of course, you have. So, benefits of social media are not limited to recruiters, it may also come handy for job search.

top apps for job search

Apps For Job Search

Searching for a new job means incessant bargaining until you’re satisfied with whatever little happiness you find in that offer letter in your hands. But the sooner you know the truth about perfection in such matters, the better. So here we go – your chances of finding that perfect position in the perfect company with the sweetest pay package are as meager as finding an office without a gossip fodder.

Here’s how you can use social media for landing a great job:

You should really use Twitter for Job Search

With all the job portals and sites like LinkedIn, Twitter often flies under the radar when it comes to searching a job. You can use Twitter for job search and stay connected with recruiters and employers from the relevant field in addition to creating your profiles on job portals.

Create your Twitter account that highlights your professional profile. Mention your job position and the company that you currently work for, similar to your LinkedIn profile. Make your profile as professional as you could, no matter what your job role is. You can tweet links to some of the relevant articles, also you can provide a link to your personal blog if you have one.

You need to know the important people in your field and follow them on Twitter. Suppose you are a software developer, you can follow some of the experts in your industry or follow the recruiters of the companies that you would like to work for.

Tinder-Like Job Hunting Apps to Land the Right Job

Lots and lots of people use Tinder on a daily basis to get dates, but how about getting a job by swiping right? Now there are some job hunting apps that work just like Tinder and make a perfect match with a potential employer. No kidding!

Switch Apps For Job Search

This app allows job seekers to swipe through various job listings from different companies like Wal-Mart, eBay, and Accenture. The candidates can simply apply to a job by swiping the job posting to the right. If the employers also like them back, it’s a match. The employer and the candidate can then connect and interact with each other to discuss the position.

Jobr Apps For Job Search

This tinder-like app lists all the jobs that are posted by employers, allowing users to search for specific companies. Hiring managers can create a job ad in the app by adding images, logo, and job description for the vacant position. Candidates can either fill out a profile or upload a resume to get most relevant jobs.

JobSnap Apps For Job Search

Among all the job hunting apps, JobSnap is for Generation Z with a listing of in-demand jobs at restaurants, hotels, and retail stores. These candidates don’t have any experience but they are passionate, and if that’s what you are looking for as an employer, this is the app for you.

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