The HR Digest: Top Reads on Employee Benefits

Top reads: Employee benefits

A vast majority of us simply look at the starting salary which, if looks sparkly enough, immediately reduces the importance of other benefits in our eyes. Surprisingly, employee benefits are really a good indicator of how much you’re going to love your job and not just the pay alone.

Benefits also add peace of mind for employees who have on-going strenuous personal issues. So here are our top reads on employee benefits:

Employee Benefits to Look For When Job Hunting

Researchers have shown that with better benefits comes superior employee engagement and job satisfaction. According to the 2013 Aflac WorkForces Research, 68 percent of employees were satisfied with both their overall benefits packages and job, while 5 percent of employees were satisfied with their jobs but not their benefit packages.

It’s wise to think about employee perks too, and not just pay alone when considering a certain job offer. You can always ask the hiring managers or other staff members if they could explain the enrollment and benefits process in detail.

Some Of The Most Amazing And Unique Employee Benefits

When job hunting is in progress, employees consider much more than higher pay and good workplace culture. And now that employee perks are considered as good as salary, more and more candidates tend to lean towards the employer that provides amazing and unique employee perks.

If you want your company to attract better candidates, in spite of the lower/average pay, benefits are something that you should be providing to attract and retain top talent. Benefits also adjoin an added value to the whole compensation package, which results in more engaged, healthier and happier workforce.

So before you take that job offer or before you plan to revise the employee perks that your company provides, consider these unique benefits that are provided by some of the greatest companies, making them “The Best Place to Work”.

Dear Employees, Smaller Organizations too offer bigger benefits!

When it comes to employee perks, ‘WE’ as an employee always fantasize bigger organizations like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google. In a very similar manner, for ‘Employers’ it is all about not having sufficient revenues to offer perks to their employee in terms of benefits other than providing their monthly salary. This is just a wrong mindset, which has been created by people, in other words, it’s their own mind’s cooking. Employees look for big while Employers keep waiting for funds.

These myths surrounding the corporate world, seriously needs to come to an end. Both sets of people, Employers, and Employees need to broaden their vision and start thinking beyond the traditional boundaries. Employees need to make this point clear in their skull that now is the era of fast-paced changes in people, lifestyle and their surroundings. Nothing remains in the same old traditional manner now a day, neither does this! You need to look beyond your heavy glasses and watch out for opportunities without wasting your precious time. Yes, you got it absolutely right. There are various small-scale start-up businesses and organizations, which are offering greater benefits in order to attract talented employees, and thrive for the best with their integration. This way they hire talented people and have a tough combat against their nemesis.

According to the recent Census report of the U.S., 11% of the American Workforce is employed by smaller organizations with less than 10 workers. This knowledge comes as a negative check for the smaller organizations when it comes to hiring talented top individuals. But these days even smaller organizations are giving better benefits, you can simply pick some of the benefits that you can offer to your employees with minimum extra cost.

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