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When leaving from office, any HR manager would make sure to take home three things: Purse? Check. Keys? Check. HR analytics and reporting tool? Meh! Well, now you can mark it as check as we are here to provide you with a list of HR Tools and Technology that may fulfill your tech needs in HR.

5 Apps For Freelancers To Boost Their Productivity

When you are into freelancing, along with being your own boss, you’ve to manage everything including your time, productivity, and even finance. So here are some apps for all the people who are working from home that would make their life much easier. This list of apps for freelancers includes apps for keeping track of productivity, projects, finance, and client management. With all these apps, you can focus on your work, relying on the apps to do the extra stuff.

iPhone Apps For HR Managers

With the mobile technology market booming, no wonder there’s an app for that and that and that too! But when it comes to HR tools and technology, is there any app for them? Why not? Here is a list of iPhone apps for HR that might come handy in your day to day tasks and help you change the game for HR tools and technology. These apps provide you with a time-saving and effective way of getting things done.

Top 4 HR Tools to Increase Employee Efficiency

As we are already in the mid-2016, getting more amount of employee engagement and employee efficiency comes as one of the biggest priorities for entrepreneurs. Their purpose is not only to transform themselves into being more efficient but also to transform their staff into one. Employee efficiency is one of the most crucial factors for the success of any organization may it be a silicon valley giant or a small business.

So how to manage employee efficiency and employee engagement while saving time? Here are the tools that can help you increase your efficiency at work.

Virtual Reality & HR Function

It’s generally asserted that companies of the future will be virtual. Although the precise definition of what it means to be a virtual organization is hard to find, the origin of the phrase is, however, clear. It stems from the term “virtual reality”, computer simulated life that replicates an environment that stimulates physical presence in places in the real/imagined world.

A virtual organization bears a resemblance to a normal organization in its inputs and outputs. Although, it differs in certain ways in which it adds value during the journey in between. A virtual organization has, practically unlimited tiers to its structures, all of them are versatile and evolving. A large number of these tiers don’t need employees virtually. Did you know that the UK’s Virgin Group held 5% of the British cola market with just 5 employees? This was accomplished by firmly focusing on its core competency: its marketing.

Similarly, Virtual Reality can be a part of HR, involving in recruitment, on boarding, collaborative assessments as well as training.

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