HR Should Consider Mediation to Resolve Conflicts in the Workplace

Resolving conflicts can be done in numerous ways. However, mediation is one of the best ways to come to the best resolution. With mediation, both parties get the needed answers that solve some questions that were problematic. That is why mediation is the best option for organizations and employees to resolve the troubles. 

Here, we explain more about the mediation process and its significance in the overall conflict resolution. 

What is Mediation 

Mediation is not a win-or-lose judging method. It is simply a structured method of resolving an issue with the relevant data. It is also a method where the third party is involved in the problem resolution

The third party is a well-trained active member who asks questions and leaves the two parties to come to the conclusion. 

If in some segment of mediation, the conflict arises, the third party is there to acknowledge these problems and try to open a discussion about them. 

A good mediator will have success in mediation if both parties are satisfied at the end of mediation. If the parties are not satisfied, the process can start all over again. 

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A good mediator will have success in mediation if both parties are satisfied at the end of mediation.

What Are the Benefits of Mediation During Conflict Resolution

Some of the best benefits of mediation are presented below: 

1. Mediation is free. – EEOC’s National Mediation Program is free and it is offered to all organizations at no cost. 

2. Mediation is confidential. – According to the confidentiality agreement, all segments of mediation will not be revealed to anyone. 

3. Mediation saves money and time. – Most of the mediations are successfully completed in one meeting and these are done early in the process of charge. These conditions significantly save money and time for both parties.

4. Mediation is neutral. – There is no judgmental resolution at the end of the mediation process. There are no winners or losers, and the mediator is not the one who sets the conditions of mediation. The conditions are set by the parties that are in the process of mediation which promotes the mediation as a fair and neutral process.

5. Mediation boosts communication. – A mediator is there to encourage communication between the two parties and this can lead to the better resolving of the main problems. 

Aside from all the mentioned benefits, mediation also avoids litigation, which means that you do not have the costs of the lawsuit, and there are no judicial outcomes. In this manner, you also reduce costs and create a better atmosphere between the parties. 

Mediation helps you discover real issues within your company and this is why a good mediator can be a real asset to the company. 

Who Should Use Mediation 

Mediation can be used by both organizations and employees. The mediation process should start as soon as the problem arises, and if you see that the problem is overwhelming, you should organize a mediation. 

Both organizations and employees should be part of the process. You should have a mediator who is completely neutral in the process of mediation. In this manner, you ensure that the process will bring the needed results. 

When you want to solve an increased conflict between workers or managers, it is good to organize the mediation before larger trouble arises. It is also useful to suggest mediation to your employees every time they have trouble in communication with the managers and coworkers

With the proper mediation process, you can predict and solve many potential problems that can come in the future. It is a procedure that leaves your employees more satisfied because the third party gets involved in the process of the problem resolution. Organizations and employees can equally benefit from mediation which is why this method is very popular in the corporate world nowadays. 

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