HR strategies that you can steal from Google to make a better workplace

HR strategies

Everyone is aware of how great Google’s workplace is. Some of the HR strategies of this tech giant make it really attractive for job seekers. So, why not implement some of these strategies at your workplace to make it prominent among top talent.

Here are some of the HR strategies of Google that makes it stand out when it comes to workplace culture:

1. Know your employees

It is really important to know your employees well. You should know if your current workplace culture is fostering employees. According to a report, Google has hired social scientists to carry out various tests on employees. Instead of hiring such scientists, you can implement this at your workplace by making your employees take a survey.

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google, they thought that there is no need of bosses. However, surveys provided a feedback that was totally opposite. So, Google now has managers that handle a particular department. You may find out many areas of improvement through this survey and you need to work on those to make your office a better place for employees.

2.  Provide smart perks to employees

Smart Perks are those which are given with some intention or have a solid reason behind it. Few years back, Google changed its maternity leave plan and extended it from 12 weeks to 5 months. This was not out of generosity. According to a report, new mothers left their jobs at twice the average departure rate. To address this issue, head of Google’s HR department, Laszio Bock took this decision to extend the maternity leave. This strategy clearly worked for Google, thus cutting the recruitment costs.

Additionally, Google also provides various other perks like free haircuts, gym, on-site doctors, etc to keep its employees happy. It is proven that happy employees are more productive and highly engaged to the company.

3. Small things can have big impacts

Researchers at Google discovered that there was a problem with the waiting queue at the lunch line. They suggested that the ideal lunch line should make the employees wait only for 3 to 4 minutes. Thus, there will be enough time for making new connections and there will be no waste of time. They also stated that cafeteria should serve lunch in smaller plates, with a diameter of around 8-inch. This will help employees to eat smaller portions, keeping them healthier.

If these HR strategies are implemented properly, it will drastically improve your office culture. Such changes may allow you organization to attract better talent and contribute in organization’s overall growth.

Anna Verasai
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