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Exploring Five Hot Disruptive Innovations in HR Technology

Tools & Technology - September 15, 2015

For those passionate about the impact of technology in organizations, it is indeed the season of interesting product developments from the digital HR industry. Bringing y...

Performance Management and Tools for Managing Employee Performance

Tools & Technology - September 14, 2015

Performance management is all about drafting and establishing a culture that motivates the continuous enhancement of processes in business. Further, it also enhances an i...

LinkedIn’s New Data Visualization Tools For Recruiters!

Tools & Technology - December 25, 2014

Business oriented social networking site, LinkedIn made the big announcement on the second day its 2014 Talent Connect Conference in San Francisco by disclosing plans for...

Our Top 4 Tips for Social Media Recruitment

Tools & Technology - December 25, 2014

The sole purpose of recruiting is to find the right kind of person at the right time for the right job. That said, it implies that one source for such an arduous task is ...

When Hard Rock Café Hired 120 People Through Facebook in Four Weeks

Tools & Technology - December 25, 2014

When Hard Rock Café ventured out to open a new restaurant in Florence, Italy in the spring of 2011, they faced a bleak task of hiring 120 people in four weeks. Here’s ...