Identifying the Traits of Highly Productive Employees

Amongst your employees are people of different commitment to the growth of your firm. Some are highly productive employees, while some are not. But sometimes it’s not easy to identify the traits of highly productive employees. Between both classes of employees, there are outstanding set of skills that separate them. The set of skills to be mentioned in this article are the traits of employees with high performance; the employees that are usually patient and persevering, and are always willing to exceed the conditions of their job description just to achieve results.

Highly productive employees are the set of staff that will not rest until the work chain flows smoothly. We can also identify highly productive employees as those that pay attention to details, stick to instructions and are always ready for challenges; they think beyond their rudiments and deliver with precision. They think creatively, possess good leadership qualities and constantly try to develop new skills to increases their overall performance within the company.

Any employer with a higher ratio of these set of employees on its payroll will sure exceed expected productivity. Below are some of the traits of highly productive employees.

Highly productive employees are initiative

Among the traits of employees with high performance is that they don’t always depend on their superiors or management’s direction to get a task done. They move ahead of their peers and seek solutions to carry out tasks on their own. They develop themselves and go extra mile to beef up their skills with new skill sets they have acquired on their own. Highly productive employees use their initiative to create new work formula that will deliver early, easier and better. They see every challenge or assigned responsibilities as opportunities to develop their career path.

Develop performance from feedback

Productive employees are very open to corrections or feedback and accept it constructively.

They don’t stay hurt when reprimanded or penalized, rather they build on it and developed for better. Among other traits of highly productive employees under feedback is that they are always eager to seek it to know areas that need improvement in the cause of their duty.

They are eager to solve problems

Albert Einstein has the statement “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” This is how highly productive employees see a window of opportunity in problems that arise at the company: as a means to showcase their problem-solving skills and display newly acquired skills. You can identify highly productive employees as those that take problems head on and do not shy away from them at all but rather employ a systematic approach to solving problems. Productive employees will identify the problem, find alternatives, then decide on the best approach to use and then engage the most suitable plan to solve the problem.

Highly productive employees manage time

Productive employees don’t always waste time at any given task as they are always conscious that time is a very valuable asset. They are barely idle away and are always engaged in one productive venture or another, racing against time with extra focus and precision to complete assigned tasks in record time with no errors.

 A personalized system developed for order

Highly productive employees are always focused and create a work system that keeps their work schedule on track and makes work easier for them to execute. Their workspace is always neat and clutter-free. They develop work checklists, functional filing systems, manage emails better and also keep work journals.

Acquire good energy from a positive mindset

A highly productive employee is always positive minded and believes that there is always a solution to any problem. There is always the “Can do” spirit in them as they always have the right attitude to work. Identifying the traits of highly productive employees includes identifying your employees that naturally attract other colleagues to themselves as they radiate optimism and liveliness at the workplace.

Maintain healthy working relationships and networking skills

The traits of highly productive employees also include their ability to build good relationships with like-minded and progressive people. They develop strong networking skills by connecting with other sources to gather information and worthwhile knowledge for their organization when needed. They constantly grow their networking relations and contacts inside and outside of the workplace.

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