Importance of Looking Presentable At Work

Imagine yourself as a client. You go to a shop to purchase something or even visit an office to attain their services and you see a shabbily dressed man all enthusiastic to adhere to your demands. Even though the individual is good at his job and willing to help you, you do not feel like going to him. The reason behind this kind of aversion to a person you never even met before is because of his physical appearance. This is because our brain first takes in the appearance of an individual and reacts accordingly. If this first impression is not impressive enough, we automatically dislike the person. This is why it is so important to look presentable at work.

There is a general ideology that workplace attire mainly consists of formal wear in colors that belong to such a fashion. This is true to quite an extent as a majority of organizations from across the world follow such a dress code. This is why it is accepted as global workplace attire. Apart from this, the trend of office dress codes is evolving. We live in an age wherein employers are less rigid about the workplace atmosphere. Various organizations are willing to bend their rules for the convenience of the employee.

looking Presentable at work

There is a general ideology that workplace attire mainly consists of formal wear.

Look presentable at work irrespective of your workplace culture

In comparison to last decade, there are fewer offices which enforce the rule of strictly dressing in formal attire. This is because now employee convenience is given more importance than company rules. In accordance with this, people generally believe that looking presentable at work is not necessary anymore. In fact, this idea is absolutely incorrect. Looking presentable need not mean dressing up in a business suit. It actually means that whatever you wear must be impeccable and impressive to the people around you. There have been times wherein a person in a tuxedo has looked shabby. On the other hand, a person in joggers looked presentable.

What we mean to say through these examples is that your clothes don’t decide if you will look presentable at work or not. You need not burn a hole in your pocket in order to do so. All you need to take care of is that how will you carry off such clothes. This means that the fitting of the apparel must not be too loose or tight, it must fit in such a manner that it looks decent yet made for your body. Along with this, the clothes should be pressed at all times. You can also do this at home. Make sure that your hair is in place irrespective of your gender. And wear footwear that does not show visible signs of wear and tear. Combine all these aspects with the right confidence and you are good to go.

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