Improve Productivity With A Millennial-friendly Workplace

It is important to realize that the corporate sector is full of millennials in the workplace. This is applicable to workplaces in any part of the world, as this is a well-established fact on a global scale. A young work force has a profound impact on the work productivity. Despite this, they are always in demand by the recruiters as these young minds are full of ideas. Millennials bring a fresh thinking to the workplace and energetic vibes as well. Hence it is quite necessary to provide a work environment which bodes well to the young work force. In order to provide a millennial-friendly workplace, it is necessary to bring about certain changes.

Quick Feedback and Reward System

For improved work productivity, according to the requirements of the employer, feedback is essential. But at times, this feedback is misinterpreted as criticism by some of the employees. Hence one should note that the feedback for improvement of work quality should be given tactfully. A harsh way of delivering it should be avoided in order to not make any employee feel berated. Also, giving feedback once in six months or a year isn’t quite useful. Instead if the feedback is provided on a regular basis, the employee can improve upon the shortcomings, and improve his quality of work.

In order to encourage an employee doing a good job, there should be a reward system. There should be basic rewards like giving an hour off on work above satisfaction level or a treat for achieving a particular target. This will encourage the millennial to keep giving his best at the workplace. Consequently, this raises the standard of work quality of the workplace as well.

millennial friendly workplace

Social Activity at regular intervals

Studies show that a healthy social environment is really important for better growth of the workplace. A workplace requires a certain formal setup but cordial relations among the employees are also essential. This helps in maintaining a friendly environment at the workplace.  In order to do so, organization of various social activities in the workplace at certain intervals is important. By doing so, the employees will have something to look forward to. This would also enable improving the productivity.

This will also serve the purpose of recreation.  Various fun activities like going for the movies or playing indoor-outdoor games will promote friendly relations among the employees. Because of this factor, the employees can know each other even outside the formal setup. At the same time, social activities will encourage the feeling of team spirit which is essential in certain workplaces.

Attractive Physical Surroundings

It is extremely important to have an office which appeals to the eye of the millennial. This is because a dull workplace reduces the interest level of its employees. Such a surrounding makes the brain work at a slower place. This would result in low productivity, and will ultimately cost the workplace its resources. In order to avoid this, an attractive look of the workplace is important. This would be beneficial in making it a millennial-friendly workplace.

For example, an illustrative display of the kind of products or services provided by the company should be made in the workplace. The walls can be colourful with a soothing color, which wouldn’t hurt the eyes. Inspirational or funny quotes are helpful for relaxing the eyes of the employees working on digital screens all the time. Every employee should have the freedom to personalize his desk or cubicle so that he feels like he owns the place. This would give a sense of ownership and familiarity to the place.


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  1. Nick Vandercamp

    These days millennials are one of the first priorities of leading companies. The mindset of millennials, the way they work, perceive things, their entire lookout, etc., is quite refreshing and productive for a change. In such situations, it becomes important for firms to make the workplace millennial friendly.


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