Incredibly Entertaining Office Thanksgiving Party Ideas!

Enough with the holiday-week grind. How about a proper, office Thanksgiving party? At The HR Digest, we have a rule that says Thanksgiving should be more than sumptuous Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. That’s why this year we’re going to give you some of our favorite ideas for the quintessential office Thanksgiving party.

Best of Office Thanksgiving Party Ideas

There’s more to be thankful for, but if you’re a stressed-out employee then you might feel you have a gratitude-less job. An office Thanksgiving party is the perfect opportunity to show your hardworking employees that you care.

Office Thanksgiving Decoration

Create a bed of holiday greenery on the office lunch table and you’ve got a whimsical alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving tablescape. If you’re planning an evening party then a cozy table runner is the perfect foundation for your arrangement. Sum it up with dimly lit candles, votives and hanging lights to add a festive glow to your feast.


A wholesome Thanksgiving party can never be complete without friends and family. Why not go a step ahead and create invites for employees’ near and dear ones? Here at The HR Digest, we have a wall where we write our Thank-you’s to our coworkers. Some thank a specific employee for something they’ve contributed to the project or the office, some thank for being a good neighbor all the year round.

Office Thanksgiving Food

Do you enjoy having an office potluck? How about an office Thanksgiving potluck then, ever give it a try? To get your employees in the holiday spirit, hold a recipe contest where they bring in their favorite dish! Lastly, don’t forget the Thanksgiving pie, it’s the ultimate thing your employee would be looking forward to.

Express Gratitude

A thank you speech by every employee would make them feel valued and at home. If you have a huge team, why not give a speech that’s heartwarming and funny? Make sure that it is not too long, or you’ll start hearing rumbling stomach.

Charitable Contribution

Office thanksgiving ideas wouldn’t be the same without ‘giving.’ So this year, with the help of your employees you can give something back to the community. Serve at a soup kitchen, join a canned food drive, or build a house of Habitat for Humanity…there’s numerous ways in which you can encourage your employees to give something back. (You can even allow your employees to take time off to do a volunteer project.)

In the end, make sure all the employees are having a good time. You can ask stressed-out employees to take time off their cubicles to help you with the planning and execution. Consider these Thanksgiving ideas for office without committing a lot of time and resources.

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