Industries That Are Hiring Like Crazy Now!

Industries Hiring Right Now

COVID-19 pandemic has brought an insignificant burn on the economies of the world, making companies resort to layoffs and people losing jobs everywhere. Despite this, certain industries are recruiting people and employees to keep their businesses going. These industries are on the run during pandemic time as their services are most sought after by the people now.

Even as the unemployment status continuing at its low in May, the economy still produced around 280,000 new jobs in the US alone, beating the average monthly gain of 251,000 from the past year. Following are the businesses and industries that are currently hiring amid the COVID-19 crisis:

Industries Hiring Right Now


Health is now the foremost priority as people scramble to keep themselves immune and healthy to the deadly virus. Around 44% of Americans regularly take at least one prescription medication, and 17% are taking three or more. As such, the pharmacies can’t close down. The increase in health as a priority at this time has made pharmacies and health companies crazy and looks out for more people.

Teleworking Software

Telecommunication has witnessed a steady incline, with remote work increasing significantly over 44% in the last five years. As more economies resort to work from home and social distancing, companies have too transitioned fully to remote work. To successfully implement a remote work culture, employees need to have better connectivity through video, online meetings, chat, or mobile collaboration services. As such, telecommunication is on a surge! The demand for teleworking software has increased as it is the foundation for better connectivity.

Grocery Stores

Shopping markets have transformed from the unavoidable visiting places for people to the only outing place throughout the quarantine period. Large grocery shops are listing out the massive requirement of a workforce that is swift and efficient. Additionally, supermarkets too, are frantically looking for support staff from stocking shelves to tasks of managing supply chain logistics, handling public relations, and even software development engineering.

Tech Support

With call centres and operation centres closing down, companies are left with the need for and employees to take customer and technical support calls. With the remote work system in effect, more people require support with setting up and pairing tech devices or troubleshooting errors. As such, the tech support team is urgently needed, which have left companies scrambling for more tech support staff.

Some industries/ companies that are urgently hiring include:

  • New Jersey and Los Angeles launched websites for people to look for in-demand jobs at essential businesses during COVID-19 pandemic.
  • CVS stated that it was hiring 50,000 workers to meet exploding demand at its stores.
  • Pizza Hut announced plans to hire more than 30,000 permanent employees.
  • Walmart announced it would hire about 1,50,000 temporary workers by May end for their stores, clubs, distribution centres as well as fulfilment centres.
  • Dollar Tree, which is also the owner of Family Dollar, plans to recruit 25,000 workers.
  • 7-Eleven expects to recruit 20,000 new store employees.
  • Amazon intends to hire around 100,000 workers.
  • Domino’s is hiring more than 10,000 workers.
  • The medical industry is frantically looking for as many health care providers as they can acquire. New York City has even asked private and retired providers to offer their help in hospitals.
  • Shipping businesses, online learning industry and remote work firms are looking for workers too.

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