Internal Recruitment vs External recruitment – Which is your pick?

As recruiters and hiring managers, we spend plenty of time on talent acquisition, trying to attract the best talent and encourage them to work for us. With each new role, we rely on either internal recruitment or external recruitment to fill the vacancy.

More often than not, we plan to advertise, post or share details to encourage job applications, also, some sourcers and third party suppliers help us expand our reach to bring someone in from the outside. And sometimes, we promote someone internally to fill the position, instead of hiring a new person.

Different methods of recruitment that can be implemented in various ways are discussed below along with the benefits provided by each of them.

Internal Recruitment

Some of the best employees can be found within the company. When there is a vacancy for a particular job role, it can be given to an employee who is already a part of the company and who can be really suitable for the vacant position.

Internal recruitment can be implemented by:

  • Promotion/Transfer of present employee
  • Through employee referrals
  • Rehiring former employee
  • Considering previous applicantsexternal recruitment


  • It is a lot cheaper than recruiting someone externally. Organization can save a huge amount of time and money in terms of advertising, recruitment, selection, and induction process.
  • Offers great opportunities for current employees to advance in their career and motivates everyone to deliver better.
  • Better assessment of abilities.
  • The employee would already be aware of the organizational culture.

External Recruitment

Every organization needs to implement this method of recruitment when existing employees are not suitable for the vacant position. This is the most widely used method of recruitment.

It can be implemented by:

  • Employee Exchange
  • Advertisements
  • Employee Agencies
  • Professional Association
  • Campus Recruitment
  • Deputation
  • Word-of-mouth
  • Raiding


  • New people come with new ideas and innovation.
  • An experienced hire can have better methods to handle the given position.
  • The company can get all the qualities that they required for the job role.
  • A person with a set of specialized skills can be hired for the vacant position.

You can choose any of the above-mentioned methods to fill that vacant position in your company, after analyzing the advantages provided by each of them. So what is your pick?

Anna Verasai
Anna Versai is a Team Writer at The HR Digest; she covers topics related to Recruitment, Workplace Culture, Interview Tips, Employee Benefits, HR News and HR Leadership. She also writes for Technowize, providing her views on the Upcoming Technology, Product Reviews, and the latest apps and softwares.

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