Interview Questions for Creative Jobs: What Hiring Managers Ask?

Prepare for your job interview with our list of interview questions for creative jobs. Here, we’ve addressed some of the most important interview questions for creative roles to help you perform better and make an impression on the hiring team.

Creative jobs require professionals to think out of the box and innovative ideas. Their work is to create, form new techniques, concepts and implement them into regular life and work. As such, recruiting creative professionals and talent has its own set of challenges. Creative people see the world differently, they see creativity in everything.

Job Interview Questions for Creative Roles

Placing the right question for them during an interview is crucial to get a glimpse of their creativity in their answer itself. Some of the interesting questions asked to creative people on their interviews include the following:

job interview questions for creative jobs

job interview questions

What projects are you working on right now?

Be it a part-time or a full-time professional, this question will bring out the projects and access the time availability of the professional in the creative job. It will give the interviewer an idea as to how to bust the schedule of the person is and how much time the person can give to the craft.

What tech tools do you use regularly?

Accessing the professional’s technical skills and knowledge is crucial for the interviewer. This question also gives the interviewer an idea whether the person is willing to invest in upgrading themselves to technical know-how and/or the person uses the tools to improve and enhance their creativity or not. It also demonstrates the willingness of the professional to stay sharp and learned.

What are your interests outside of work?

Many employers like to delve into the interests of the candidate, it gives them an idea of what inspires the person and what feeds the creativity of the professional. It is also believed that professionals who have an interest outside the job perform better on the work-front!

What do you think about our creative tools?

This gives the recruiters an idea of how much the professional have studied and researched about the company/office they are applying to.

What are your sources for industry news?

With this question, the recruiters get an idea of how much the candidate is in the industry trends and whether he is aware of the updated news and changes in the field. Also, the recruiters gauge the information sources and research capability of the applicant. This also gives the recruiter and idea of who is amateur and who is professional. Amateurs follow the regular low ground sites and people, whereas professionals research for the nuts and bolts ideas and rely on reliable sources for information.

Do you deal directly with clients or are in customer support?

A creative person with good people and communication skills is hard to find. Communication skills are necessary for creative people to mesh with co-workers and get ideas on certain projects, they might not get the correct idea the co-worker has.

Tell us about the time when you almost missed a deadline.

This question gives an idea to the recruiters about how the candidate handles pressure and works under time-bound projects. The candidate’s ability to adhere to a deadline and submit the deliverables in time is checked.

Tell us about a time you screwed up a work.

Mistakes are a part of life, we all make it. It is how the way we respond to the mistakes is more crucial and defines a person. A creative candidate can handle that mistake well and deliver the right result in time. It would be interesting to hear the answer to this!

Show us your best work,

This gives the recruiter an idea of the candidate’s personality, if he is the snobbish kind who boasts and prides in each and every work and thinks of himself as learned, or is he the modest worker who is up for more learning from the field. Also, this question lets the recruiter see the previous work of the candidate, the approach to the project and to evaluate the skills.

Bonus Job Interview Questions

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