Interview Questions to Ask IT Candidates

Hiring candidates into technology-related positions could be very tricky. It requires critical attention and proper evaluation of answers from exceptional interview questions for IT candidates in order to translate the applicants’ proficiency.

The entire pressure to ask technology-related interview questions and to hire is on the recruiting managers who must establish qualitative methods of choosing from the top candidates. Having examined soft skills, which is also an important factor, and other qualities possibly using different psychometric tests, you may not solve the puzzle by asking some of the predictable IT-related job interview questions, which most of your candidates have rehearsed. And the stage to rely on the resume information is long gone.

Human resource consultant Robert Half (RH) recently released a list of must-ask interview questions for IT candidates to help you determine the applicant good enough for the IT position. It comprises of both technical and situational IT-related job interview questions. By listening closely to the answers from each candidate, employers should be able to ascertain who they have as the best fit for the job.

Here are 5 interview questions for IT candidates that will help you to hire the most outstanding candidate. They not only expose the applicants’ technical skills but their interpersonal skills and drive to succeed at the job.

1. What online resources do you consider helpful in your job?

IT professionals usually select specific online communities such as Github and StackExchange, forums, social media, and other online resources as major centers for help when they have challenges. Your candidate should be able to identify with one or more trendy resource centers. Their answer should clarify how engaged the candidate is with the IT world.

2. How do you remain current with your technology skills?

Tech workers understand how important it is to keep their knowledge current. Hence, they resort to following up by joining hackathons, taking online courses, reading blogs and participating in other practical ways. This job interview question can help you evaluate the enthusiasm level of the candidate and how open they are for development.

3. Tell me about any tech project you’ve worked on in your spare time

Self-driven and curious IT workers use their spare time to work on projects they are most interested in. This helps them to remain fresh and to stay motivated while revealing their ultimate goal or what fascinates them the most in their field.


Candidates who are able to break down complex processes are ideal. You may also need to ask a few dumb questions to ascertain how they are able to interact with non-tech persons.

4. What was the last presentation you gave?

Your IT worker should be able to communicate with their teammates about the slightest project development. They should be able to carry out research and present their findings accordingly and to talk about their preferred platforms. This interview question is to help you evaluate the communication and research skills of your candidate.

5. Can you use simple terms to explain a relevant technology?

There is a need to go beyond the hard skills to probe if your candidate can share their ideas effectively with their clients or colleagues, who are not technical incline. Candidates who are able to break down complex processes are ideal. You may also need to ask a few dumb questions to ascertain how they are able to interact with non-tech persons.

The above-mentioned tech job interview questions offer hiring managers the opportunity to assess various qualities possessed by IT job applicants. Without properly evaluating the responses or utilizing the interview tips, it would still be difficult to make a decision or identify the right candidate.

Priyansha Mistry
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