An individual spends most of the initial part of his life in educating himself in order to attain a respectable job. It is a common ideology that one who achieves academic success finds it easier to bag a good placement deal. But all the nights spent studying and working hard for the exams become meaningless if one fails to impress the experts conducting the interview. The candidate needs to convince the interviewers that he deserves the job. In order to make this happen, just a good mark sheet isn’t enough. The candidate has to make sure that he creates an impact on the jury interviewing him in a positive manner. For this reason, a few interview tips are advisable to create a meaningful impact on the interviewers.

Basic workplace etiquette

There is a well-known saying, “The first impression is the last impression.” This saying is appropriate for interviews the most. Right from the time the candidate enters the office premises, he should be conscious of his personal behavior. There are certain companies who judge their candidates on the basis of how he behaves with the lower staff or the people around him. Therefore it is extremely important to be aware of each action at the workplace. Greet everyone in a pleasing manner, be it the receptionist or even the watchman.

In the waiting room, it is natural for one to feel nervous especially as it’s the first interview. But one must try to disguise the nervousness as much as possible. Maintain a calm and composed body language and avoid any kind of fidgeting or shaking of legs. This gives a negative impression to the employers. Also while entering the interview room, knock twice, open the door slightly and ask for permission to enter. Avoid being clumsy while handing over the documents to the interviewer and greet them formally with a polite smile.

Dress suitably and be well-groomed

It is important to dress impeccably as it affects the overall impression of the candidate. With this in mind, one should make sure that the attire is presentable. One must consider the company and the job profile while deciding what to wear. Revealing outfits should be strictly avoided. The clothes have to be properly ironed and must not contain any kind of stains on them. One should wear properly polished formal shoes. Hair should be properly in place and not covering the face in any manner. The makeup should be subtle so that it doesn’t draw much attention. One should not wear strong perfume as well.

Know the company you are approaching

Basic research about the company one is going to interview for is one of the most important parts of the interview. The candidate must have proper information about what kind of work the company does, what will be his job profile and why would he like to work for that given company. This shows the interviewer the interest of the candidate in the company and will work with adequate dedication.

interview tips

Practice the interview tips well

To avoid any kind of speech defects caused by nervousness like stammering or stuttering, practice the speech at home in front of the mirror before the interview. Try to speak in a clear accent with proper pauses at the right places. Make sure each word is audible to the listener. In case one isn’t able to comprehend the question, politely ask the interviewer to repeat it. Try not to speak very fast as it is a sign of nervousness.

The interview won't be tough to crack if one follows these interview tips with confidence.

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