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Interview Tips for different type of interviews

Tips for Different Type of Interviews

When you have remained unemployed for a while and you need a job desperately, some interview tips may come handy. Here are our top reads that will provide you some interview tips, may it be lunch interview or a phone interview.

5 Tips For A Phone Interview That Will Get You To Further Rounds

What are you talking about when you say you’re going to pass some tips for a phone interview? You mean interviewing while wearing those sponge bob jammies? That’s the dream!

No, you are not wearing those jammies. I know the interviewer won’t be able to see you, but still. Just because it’s a phone interview, it doesn’t make it any less of an interview.

Things to do:

  • Pick a good location
  • Do some research prior the interview
  • Be prepared with customized answers
  • Smile
  • Send a Thank-you email

To read more click here.

Acing the Lunch Interview with Your Prospective Employer

Interviewees often consider lunch interview as a bad sign. Rather it can prove to be beneficial to them as the interview would be conducted in a more casual atmosphere. The more relaxed atmosphere of the interview place signals that you are closer to the job.

Such interviews are scheduled when the employer wants to know some potential employee in a better, more casual way and to analyze his/her social skills. Interacting with you over a meal will allow the interviewer to test your interpersonal skills, communication skills, and your table manners in a casual setting.

A list of things that you should consider while appearing for a lunch interview is given here.

Are Job Interview Gimmicks Enough To Get You Hired?

In this ultra-competitive job market, candidates are ready to do anything just to stand out from the crowd. They often turn to interview gimmicks, like showing up for the job interview dressed as a clown, or sending a box of cookies to the recruiter.

No, I’m not kidding. These incidents have really happened but are not recommended by HR experts. Well, if these treats are enough to get you a job or convince an employer, probably you shouldn’t be working for such an employer.

Any reputed employer would want to hire you for your skills, your experience and qualification rather than hiring you solely because you are good at baking cookies. So instead of wasting your time in being a stalker, invest some time in customizing your resume and cover letter to the specifications of job position and company. Also don’t indulge in interview gimmicks while delivering the well-drafted resume. Dressing up as a gorilla and delivering the resume in person would only diminish your chances of getting the job.

You might want to think outside the box to impress your potential employer, but there is a difference between being innovative and being creepy and you should know that before doing an interview blunder. Wearing inappropriate clothes at the interview or displaying your singing talent won’t help.

You can read more about such interview gimmicks here.

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