Is demanding a salary raise advisable during the pandemic?

Seeking a raise can be an intimidating task, especially during the pandemic, when the entire world faces a massive economic downturn and crisis. The pandemic not only saw COVID-19 destroying the lives of people but a vast number of layoffs and shutdowns of corporations.

However, if you are expecting a raise or feel underpaid at this challenging time, you might want to ask your boss about the forthcoming raise. Or is it not a good time? Your condition and concerns are understandable. However, despite the bad news, there is also a silver lining when there is a substantial growth of new jobs, raises, and promotions. As such, getting a raise during the pandemic is not entirely impossible. You need to figure out the ways to seek the raise in these turmoil times.

Should You Ask for a Raise During the Pandemic?

Several factors determine this. Whether you should get a raise or not depends on five crucial things- the company’s performance, your performance in the company, your network, relationships, and the timings of seeking a raise. 

Company Performance

Suppose a company is frequently making layoff decisions, hiring freezes, and making you doubt its sustainability in the present time. In that case, it is wise to pause on the raise until the company gets its stability. However, if the company is doing good and accomplishing reasonable revenue goals, you can go ahead with a raise.  Observe the company position, its performance, the activities, and then carefully analyze and decide on seeking a raise or promotion. 

Salary raise demand during pandemic

‘Your’ Performance

Before seeking a raise, it is essential to evaluate your performance and the value you added to the company. If your contribution and efforts for the company haven’t been much significant, asking for a raise isn’t a wise option. If you have been consistently performing well, taking up promising projects, and successfully handled them, you can ask for a raise. Always track your accomplishments, update them weekly, and share them with your managers and boss to keep them aware of your progress. That way, they wouldn’t get off guard when you seek a raise.

‘Your’ Network and Relationships

Having the right contacts in an organization is essential to gather advocates for your progress and performances. If you are in a good relationship with your office folks, they would advocate your performances and give useful analyzing reports when the boss seeks them. Choose the right connections that will stand for you.  One of the crucial persons who tops the list is the boss or manager! Always check-in with your boss, updating about your performance, accomplishments, and works. Once the cordial relationship is formed, it would become more comfortable for you to seek a raise.

Raise Season

Often organizations have a definite period when they roll-out promotions and raise to their employees. Around that time, companies analyze their employees, perform performance checks and reviews, and decide whom to offer a significant raise. Follow this timing! Consult the employee handbook or HR to know the time. Once you know the season of raise, you can prepare yourself to ask it your boss.  However, don’t just go and ask for the raise. Building the scenario and case methodically with your excellent performance and having multiple conversations with the boss leads to the year’s raise season. 

Being in a pandemic doesn’t mean you cannot ever ask for a raise and live with a stagnant career. Seek out a raise, negotiate well, and get the approval. However, also be prepared for disapproval and take the best case scenario ahead. Always adhere to the process, your performance, and your accomplishments, and you will have a joyful career.

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