Is it common practice to post jobs externally?

For most companies, posting a job opening both internally and externally is a given. Doing so gives access to a larger applicant pool to choose from. But there are questions as to whether an employer is required to post job openings either within the organization or externally for outside applicants.

Most employers are free to post a job externally or internally if they want, but there are some exceptions. There are some rules and regulations in place in the US that oblige one to post jobs under certain circumstances.


  • Any employer that has entered into a collective bargaining agreement should ensure it’s following the job posting rules set forth in the agreement, if applicable.
  • Some government agencies have a requirement to advertise job openings publicly. 
  • For federal contractors that meet certain requirements, job openings must be posted with the appropriate employment services to ensure the openings are referred to veterans.
  • Employers that create their own policies regarding job postings should be careful to follow their guidelines. Failure to do so will appear inconsistent and may give rise to claims of favoritism or discrimination.
  • Employers need to clearly state their internal job postings policies in their employment contracts. This ensures that all employees are up-to-date on what they can expect if they apply for an internal vacancy. 

Benefits to Posting a Job

Most human resources teams advise employers to post job openings in their organization. 

Posting the job and holding a full recruitment process can reduce the chance of claims of favoritism within the organization. According to an SHRM survey, employees cited lack of opportunities for career planning and career opportunities as factors for dissatisfaction with an organization.

  • Posting jobs internally assures employees that there are chances of advancement within a company, and people will not likely look for alternatives. It promotes retention.
  • Job postings expose you to a wider talent pool of applicants and increase the likelihood of finding the right fit. It is important the organizations find the right candidate to suit the job as it avoids unnecessary waste of resources in going through wrong candidate hires.
  • Posting all jobs shows a commitment to fair hiring practices. It encourages people from within the organization to apply for the position, which they might not be aware of otherwise.
  • Such an open policy creates a company culture of fair growth for everyone. This contributes to employee retention and even engagement.
  • Employees will feel compelled to perform better and have a stake in the company’s progress if they intend to have a long innings within the organization.
  • An internal hiring process gives access and knowledge about the variety of talents and skills available within. This opens up opportunities further as these talents will be called for to provide solutions whenever needed. This is especially important when a manager is identifying key players for a cross-functional team or project.
  • Most importantly, the company builds its reputation as a fair play one.

When in-house people apply for a job and go through the application and interview process, the managers get an opportunity to gauge the level of talent available. It allows the organization to do succession planning, think of effective lateral moves and transfers to other departments.

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