Is Your Hiring Process Ineffective?

How many times have you asked yourself a question “Is my hiring process ineffective?” This question is a problem of many managers and HR experts who need new employees. 

To solve this quotation, you must ask a few additional questions. How the structure of the interview is organized, how are the initial tests prepared, and what to look for when it comes to the candidates’ skills? 

All these questions are important in the hiring process. 

hiring recruitment process ineffective

If you think that your hiring process is ineffective, keep reading to find out why this is the case, and what to do to make the hiring process more effective. 

What Are the Main Problems of the Hiring Process

One of the first things that you do as a hiring manager is see the resumes. This might be the first thing to do to know the candidates better. And this might be the first wrong step. 

If you first read the resumes, you can find a lot of information that is not relevant to the job offer. You can read that the candidate loves pets, or reading, or any other activity that is not relevant to the job. 

Instead of reading resumes, you can focus on reading cover letters first. A cover letter is the main presentation of the candidate that is based on the real interest in getting a job. 

A candidate will speak about the reasons why he or she applied for the exact position, and you can see a lot of details here. 

In a cover letter, a candidate reveals the real motive to apply for the position, and this is the first segment that you should take into consideration. 

Later on, you can check the resume of the candidate to see more about their experience and education. The first impression matters and your hiring process will be much more effective if you select the candidates according to their cover letter first and resumes later on. 

The interviews that follow up the process might not be necessary if you see that a candidate is not the right fit for the company. Do not spend time on the interviews if you see that a candidate does not have the right experience to do the job. 

Another problem of the hiring process might also be the testing of the candidates. 

If you want to hire a programmer, you may want to give them a task to write some code or to solve a programming problem. These tests are usually expensive for the company and these are usually the most significant tests in the hiring process. 

Do not take this step unless you are sure that the candidate has a good cover letter and a resume that is adequate for the company standards. 

Why Is Hiring Process Ineffective and How to Make It Better

A hiring process is ineffective for multiple reasons, from the bad organization of the hiring manager to the bad structure of the company standards. 

If you, as a manager, need more than three hours to focus on one candidate, your hiring process might be ineffective. 

In these three hours, you should include reading resumes and cover letters, giving skills and personality tests, and having an interview with a candidate. 

All these activities are important in the hiring process, but you should complete them within a reasonable time frame. 

To make the hiring process better, you should make an initial selection of the candidate based on their experience and skills tests. When you are sure that a candidate is good, you should offer them an interview. 

In this manner, you will shorten the hiring process and you will make it more effective for both hiring managers and potential candidates.

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