Job boards for people with disabilities

Searching for a job is a process. You need to tap your network, look at job advertisements, utilize social media platforms, get on job boards, and even professional job hunters can help you in the quest. The process is a little difficult for people with disabilities as the search does narrow down. Many companies have job reservations, but to get access to this information requires mom legwork. Special job boards and sites are a good way to make a head start in this hunt.

The employment scenario for people with disabilities is growing, powered by a movement by employers to introduce many remote and telecommuting jobs. Here we bring you a list of websites that list jobs for disabled people.

Job boards for disabled candidates

Job candidates with disabilities now have the option to choose their suitable jobs easily.


AbilityJobs caters primarily to employers looking to employ disabled employees and candidates. It is a user-friendly job site, easy to navigate, as it has large text and buttons. You need to create an account (it is free) on the site and post your updated resume. The candidates can look for various job positions and offers according to their ability, and they can search for the desired company and posts and can also create job alerts.


Disability Job Exchange (DJE) is a government-sponsored website.

It is a leading platform for employers seeking workplace diversity. It connects thousands of job seekers to hundreds of small, midsize, and Fortune 500 companies looking to hire. 

You can browse open opportunities without creating an account, but to save jobs and searches, you’ll need to sign up with an account using your email address. You can browse opportunities by based on experience, education, geography, or company. DJE contains over 750 different job titles in their database. Job seekers can also find links to relevant upcoming events, such as virtual career fairs geared toward job hunters with disabilities.

 The job site also provides:

  • Job hunting tricks and tips.
  • Vocational training.
  • Interviewing information.
  • Ways to build a perfect resume.

Enable America

The site, along with job information, is an educational center for job seekers with disabilities. The home page of the website features employers doing their best to get the best of the lot and going beyond to recruit and serve the employees with disabilities. 

The site also has many relevant topics, legislation issues and training meant, primarily for the disabled workforce. The front page hosts the most accommodating companies in the US.

As dictated by law, employers have to provide appropriate accommodations at work as well as enable easier commute. Unfortunately, some employers find it challenging to meet these criteria.

But the transition to offering remote job facilities due to the pandemic will improve the situation for people with disabilities.  


This job site has a standard job search board where job seekers can search for jobs through keyword or location. One can create a free online account to have access to various features of the website, like job alerts and resume building facilities. They host disability-friendly employers as well as industries. There is a salary comparison tool to get a fair idea of the pay structures according to their skills and capabilities.


It is a part of the US Office of Personnel management and helps qualified candidates find employment at federal agencies. 

Although it is not exclusively meant for people with disabilities, it lists jobs from over 500 different agencies in 147 countries. The site lists positions open to veterans, military spouses, and the general public.

You can create an account and search for openings for people with disabilities by looking for the navy blue icon that denotes a person in a wheelchair. You can also easily find opportunities that welcome people with disabilities by checking off the “individuals with disabilities” filter. The website efficiently covers the entire process of Schedule eligibility norms. This means job seekers with disabilities can have an added advantage over their peers, especially when seeking government jobs.

Besides looking at the job boards, one can prepare oneself by upskilling and taking some eligibility tests. There are personality tests, skill knowledge tests available, which add weight to your resume. 

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