Tinder-Like Job Hunting Apps to Land the Right Job

Lots and lots of people use Tinder on a daily basis to get dates, but how about getting a job by swiping right? Now there are some job hunting apps that work just like Tinder and make a perfect match with a potential employer. No kidding!

job hunting apps

Here is a list of some tinder-like apps that might be helpful for plenty of job seekers to land the right job. They are perfect for millennials who would be fascinated by the ease of use and convenience that these apps provide. They can finally get rid of those boring job portals and download one or all of these amazing job hunting apps.


This job hunting app allows job seekers to swipe through various job listings from different companies like Wal-Mart, eBay, and Accenture. The candidates can simply apply to a job by swiping the job posting to the right. If the employers also like them back, it’s a match. The employer and the candidate can then connect and interact with each other to discuss the position.

This tinder-like app also provides an incognito mode through which a job seeker can browse job postings without their profile popping up. A spokesperson for this company reports that 1 out of every 10 times a job seeker swipes right, it results in a match with the employer. While for employers, 1 out of 3 right swipes results in a match.


This tinder-like app lists all the jobs that are posted by employers, allowing users to search for specific companies. Hiring managers can create a job ad in the app by adding images, logo, and job description for the vacant position. Candidates can either fill out a profile or upload a resume to get most relevant jobs.

The app also gives a solution for all those candidates who are currently employed and are concerned that their employer will find their profile. It hides the candidate’s resume from current employer, so candidates do not need to worry that their current employer will find out about their secret job hunting. (The company should be mentioned in the column of current employer so that your resume is hidden from that particular employer.) And usually, recruiters only see the candidates’ profile after they show interest in the position, so unless you are interested in the job, you won’t be spammed by the employer.


Among all the job hunting apps, JobSnap is for Generation Z with a listing of in-demand jobs at restaurants, hotels, and retail stores. These candidates don’t have any experience but they are passionate, and if that’s what you are looking for as an employer, this is the app for you.

The app follows the swipe left and right model but there’s a catch. Instead of images and profile, the candidate uploads a 30-second video to describe himself. The candidates have to be extra creative to get noticed in such short videos.

Once you download all these job hunting apps, all you’ll need to do is swipe left, swipe left, swipe…right.

It’s a match!

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