Are Job Interview Gimmicks Enough To Get You Hired?

interview gimmicks

In this ultra-competitive job market, candidates are ready to do anything just to stand out from the crowd. They often turn to interview gimmicks, like showing up for the job interview dressed as a clown, or sending a box of cookies to the recruiter.

No, I’m not kidding. These incidents have really happened but are not recommended by HR experts. Well, if these treats are enough to get you a job or convince an employer, probably you shouldn’t be working for such an employer.

You might want to think outside the box to impress your potential employer, but there is a difference between being innovative and being creepy and you should know that before doing an interview blunder. Wearing inappropriate clothes at the job interview, or displaying your singing talent won’t help.

There was an incident when a candidate did a back flip to stand out while another candidate did a Tarot reading for his prospective employer. A candidate even repaired office equipment during the first interview. And a desperate job seeker wanted everyone from the company to know that he was seeking a position with them and expressed it via a billboard outside the company’s office. Sounds innovative, right? But it surely doesn’t look professional and won’t get you hired.

Any reputed employer would want to hire you for your skills, your experience and qualification rather than hiring you solely because you are good at baking cookies. So instead of wasting your time in being a stalker, invest some time in customizing your resume and cover letter to the specifications of job position and company.

Also don’t indulge in interview gimmicks while delivering the well-drafted resume. Dressing up as a gorilla and delivering the resume in person would only diminish your chances of getting the job.

You don’t need to flatter the employer with all those interview gimmicks or those tacky gifts. All you need to do is be qualified enough and let your skills and achievements do the talking. If your resume will have all the necessary details, which can be scanned easily by the hiring managers, and your skills are good enough, the job is yours.

Anna Verasai
Anna Versai is a Team Writer at The HR Digest; she covers topics related to Recruitment, Workplace Culture, Interview Tips, Employee Benefits, HR News and HR Leadership. She also writes for Technowize, providing her views on the Upcoming Technology, Product Reviews, and the latest apps and softwares.

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