Job Interview Tips for College Graduates

Want to top the next interview and get the dream job? Follow the following tips to make it perfect and hook the potential employer:

Research the Company

 Research the company before appearing for the interview. The company HR may ask you about their company to access how much you know about their services and the company as a whole. You needn’t know the ABCD of the company; just a basic overview is excellent!

Highlight Reasons for Seeking the Job

Always face the interview keeping three to five selling points in mind. This makes you a potential and suitable candidate for the job and lets the employer know what makes you the best candidate for the position. Tell them about your skills, the field of expertise and abilities, and what contributions you would bring to their company. This would also portray your interest in the job. If an interviewer feels you aren’t interested in the post, they won’t give you the offer – no matter how good you are!

Anticipate the Interviewer’s Concerns

For every job profile, several candidates are applying at the same time. As such, to scout the best from the lot, the interviewers look for ways to screen people out. Keep yourself in their shoes and ask yourself why they would choose you for the role, and then prepare your answer.

Prepare for Common Interview Questions

Every interview has some ‘common questions’ asked by every employer. Get the hang of those questions and prepare your answer for them. Pick any list of common interview questions and prepare them.

Line up Questions for the Interviewer

Every interview has a part where the interviewer gives a chance to the candidate to ask back, be it about the company, the job profile, or the working environment. Come for the interview with some questions for the interviewer. This will demonstrate your knowledge of the company as well as your intention for the job.

Job Interview Tips

Impress in the First Five Minutes

 Studies indicate that interviewers decide about a candidate in the first five minutes of the interview. As such, come to the interview with proper preparation, energy and enthusiasm, and express appreciation for the job and the interviewer’s time.

Be Ready for Inappropriate Questions

 An interviewer may ask uncomfortable questions like race, age, gender, religion, marital status, and sexual orientation (any of them). Be prepared to face questions like these (if any) arises in the interview. If you have to dodge the questions, do it politely.

Think Positive

 Show positivity in the interview; no one likes to confront and talk with a negative person. Positivity not only reflects a good personality but also shines up the conversation. Also, make sure not to dwell on negative experiences during the meeting.

Close Interview on a Positive Note

When getting at the end of an interview, close it on a positive note. If you like the job profile, let the interviewer know about it. Tell them that you’d like the job, are excited, and look forward to working there. If, by the end of the day, there are two potential candidates- one you and someone else- the interviewer might consider you to be more interested in the job.

Bring a Copy of Resume

Always have a copy of the resume with you when you go to attend an interview. It will save a lot of time, and the interviewer wouldn’t have to print out a new copy or look for it in mails.

Utilise “Tell me about yourself” Part

This is one of the most popular questions of an interview. Interviews often start with this question. Make the most of it by highlighting your selling points, your details, your expertise, past career experiences. This strategy would let you focus the first few minutes of the interview on all your skills and selling points.

Speak the Right Body Language

Make sure you dress appropriately, make eye contact, give a firm handshake, maintain a good posture, and speak clearly. This would create a first good impression on the employer.

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