Job Posting 101: What to include and what not to include

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If you wish to attract the top talent (and who doesn’t?), you need to put your best foot forward. How to do that, you ask? First, get rid of that random and dull job posting. Such posting will only attract dull and boring people, and you don’t want them, do you?

Job Postings should be relevant and interesting at the same time. It should contain enough details, but should not reveal every minute detail regarding the vacant position. They should be framed in such a manner so as to attract as many job seekers as possible. Your job posting should grab the attention of not only active candidates but should also change the minds of some of the passive candidates who are not looking for a job currently.

Making sure that your job posting has the right content is important. And even more important is to assure that it does not include the unattractive and vague details. Here are things to include and things to exclude in your job posting:

What to include in your job ad:

  1. Pick relevant job title and keywords that define the open position in a clear and concise manner.
  2. Make you job search friendly. Take some help from SEO or marketing team so that your job postings appear on the top to the relevant candidates.
  3. Make it aesthetically pleasing by including logos, images, and videos. Candidates spend more time in reading job postings that are pleasing to the eyes. Including some infographic, telling details about the company or including some pictures, portraying your workplace culture may help.
  4. Be specific and cut the unwanted details. Candidates generally spend only 30 seconds while analyzing a job posting, so you should only mention the details that are important and are unique. Mentioning how your company can benefit their career advancement may attract the candidates more than any other details about your company.
  5. Do not neglect the salary part. Most of the candidates don’t even bother to apply for a job if the salary is not mentioned clearly in the posting. And also, make sure you mention the accurate amount when mentioning the salary. After all, money matters. Applying for a job that promises a great pay and later coming to know the actual salary, is a major turn off.

 What to exclude from your job ad:

  1. Identify the thin line between interesting and weird, and never cross it. Top candidates don’t want to see those 10 exclamation marks that you put behind your job title.
  2. Stop using dull and cliché phrases in the ad to attract job seekers, it will act as a candidate repellent instead.
  3. Do not use the same repetitive content in each posting; they are supposed to be recent and ever-changing.
  4. Never mention something you are not. Comparing your company will unicorns even when it’s not won’t help in hiring the best candidate. Being accurate about what you are as a company and the kind of culture your company has will automatically weed out wrong candidates, making room for the right ones.
Diana Coker
Diana Coker is a staff writer at The HR Digest, based in New York. She also reports for brands like Technowize. Diana covers HR news, corporate culture, employee benefits, compensation, and leadership. She loves writing HR success stories of individuals who inspire the world. She’s keen on political science and entertains her readers by covering usual workplace tactics.

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