Killer Office Halloween Party Ideas for a Scary Good Time!

It’s time to creep it real! If your office is throwing a Halloween bash this year, make sure it’s a spooktastic one. All it takes is a few spooky, festive and creative Halloween party ideas to create the ultimate team bonding experience. But throwing an office Halloween party during COVID-19 can be more tricky than treaty! This doesn’t mean you must cancel out on throwing a party your co-workers will thank you for.

6 Hauntingly Good Office Halloween Party Ideas

Not sure where to start? Read on, if you dare, for our fun office Halloween party ideas! The HR Digest has come up with this list of Halloween party ideas for your workplace – including spooky decorations, food, drinks, and games – that work even if budget is low.

Party Planning

First, a party planning committee should be put together to oversee and organize the office Halloween party. Then, hand over to them a budget to start planning the Halloween party at work.

There are so many Halloween-related themes, and you should decide which best suits the office environment. While choosing a theme, you should ensure that it is accommodating to everyone, as it can set the mood high or low.

office Halloween party ideas at work games luncheon virtual

Playing office Halloween games can be fun for everyone, no matter how old they are!

Spooky decorations

Next up are the decorations; there should be some Halloween decorations in the office to get people into that Halloween spirit. You can use things like fake cobwebs and plastic spiders on your desk or hang from ceilings; jack-o’-lanterns; ghosts; skeletons; witches’ hats, Pumpkins all around! Don’t forget to buy some pumpkins at the store and decorate them at your workplace.

Food plan/Desserts

Now the critical part, the food! It would also be appropriate to serve Halloween food such as pumpkin pie (or any other filling), gummy worms, apples with caramel sauce (and nuts), etc., but it’s really up to you. If Halloween is on a Friday, then it’s also appropriate to have Halloween-themed snacks around the office such as candy corn and Halloween chips, spider cupcakes, Halloween taco dip with chips, Halloween-themed soup, candy board, and lots more. Yummy!

Entertainment and party games

For virtual Halloween games, we recommend playing spooky-themed computer games or watching Halloween movies online. You can also choose a few games to play to keep everyone engaged and entertained. There are various games you can decide on based on your theme. Playing office Halloween games can be fun for everyone, no matter how old they are! Try these three excellent suggestions to get things started at your Halloween.

Halloween office Scavenger hunt: Hide Halloween-themed prizes in different spots all around your workplace, but make sure to have a list of clues so that participants can follow along and find each item! This game might seem like it would only be fun for little kids who love games like this, but you will be surprised at how many adults enjoy playing too! The more creative the hiding places are, the better chances you’ll get some laughs out of everyone involved. And don’t forget about someone’s safety.

Halloween Charades: Act out different Halloween characters, use everyday items like pencils or paperclips as props. The person who guesses correctly first wins!

Office Halloween Twister: You can make this game your own by adding spooky decorations to the board if you have them available in your home office space. Use only one color on each circle to be easier for everyone involved – remember which colors are safe to step onto before getting started. If you desire more than two people playing Twister at once, cut several circles out from another color cardstock paper.

Office Halloween Party

Halloween Luncheon Ideas

These are our recommendations of what can be served at your Halloween luncheon, all very easy! If you plan on serving one or more of these dishes, please note that they will not need much decoration as it is already festive enough. You may wish to serve this menu after office hours so employees who do not want to dress up in Halloween costumes may still attend your luncheon Halloween party.

Costume party

You can’t have an office Halloween party without a costume contest. So, who leaves with the award of the best Halloween costume this year?

Remember that you do not need any props; almost everything can be done using only imagination and good old-fashioned creativity! It is a great idea also to have prizes on hand if anyone wins one of these games. And add them to the board.

Enjoy the party

Remember to have much fun as you desire! Ask the opinion of the people you work with and what they would like to see at the office Halloween party and pick it up from there. Keep the party engaging with fun activities rather than just food and drinks. Have different games set out and prizes waiting to be claimed.

At the end of the party, give out some fun party favors for everyone with delicious treats inside. Treat this period as a fun time for colleagues to relax at work and just let loose! We hope you loved some of these fun office Halloween party ideas. Let this Halloween be a spooky (and safe) one at work!

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