Know When To Turn Down A Job Offer

When you are a skilled, capable, and hard-working person, you are definitely going to get a ton of job offers. In fact, job offers are going to flow in heaps. But there will be some offers that you will have to decline. Some you will turn down given that you deserve better opportunities. While there will be some offers you will have to refuse for some vital reason. So what are the factors to take into consideration before declining a job offer? We have jotted down a few for you and if your job offer exudes any of these factors, bid a farewell even before welcoming the new offer.

Decline A Job Offer Under These Circumstances

Track Record of the Company

Just like how the employer has the right to check the background of an employee before hiring; the employee has equal rights to check the background of the company before accepting a job offer. Check the reviews of the company beforehand with the help of mutual contacts, social media or even Google.

One or two negative feedbacks here and there can be overlooked. But if there is a constant negative feedback pattern, know that it is a warning. Do not go ahead with the job and reject it right away.

Behaviour of the HR Department

turn down a job offer

Your first-hand encounter with the likely-to-work-for organization will be with the HR department. Do you find the hr executive coordinating with you to be humble or rude? Basically, the HR department is the base of any company, laying out rules and regulations and the workplace culture.

If you observe the base to be weak instead of a concrete human-friendly one, decline the job offer that has the potential to make you work like a machine in the future with zero empathy.

Definition of Goals and Views

Every company has a set of goals decided to follow. That is why people build a company in the first place; to achieve a vision, to reach goals. If the company you will be working for does not have a vision for itself, what will it encourage you for? A company that does not have something to look forward to; cannot imbibe growth in its workforce, can it?

Blur Vision of Your Role

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Before accepting any job offer, ask one question- What will be my roles and responsibilities? Do they have a rock-solid answer or are they confused themselves? When you are working for someone who himself is confused about your input how will you achieve growth and progress in your career?

If not a detailed plan, at least your basic roles and responsibilities should be cleared out before you accept the job offer. If the employer cannot define your role, they cannot even define for how long they will need you. It is better to stay away from such dwindling job opportunities than to accept it.

Moreover, you should also stay away from situations where the HR department is over-the-top sweet beforehand (some harsh realities are certainly sugar-coated!). Or from situations where they are offering you more than a deserved salary bracket (are they going to make you work like a robot?!).

Ask… ask yourself every tiny question, put yourself in the toughest of situations, and determine if everything is worth the job. And only then, accept the job offer. Otherwise, bid a farewell to the current one to accept a better, well-deserved one.

Anna Verasai
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