Leadership Lessons from Apple

leadership lessons from Apple

Why is it that some people or some organizations are more successful than other? What makes them different? It’s the way they define their goal and with that comes the definition of success.

Let us discuss some of the leadership lessons from Apple, Martin Luther King, and Wright Brothers.

Why people prefer buying Apple products even when their competitors are also offering similar products? Why is Apple so innovative? After all, they have the same resources as the rest of the companies in the tech industry. Here in the video, Simon explains what sets them apart from the rest. He says “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” He emphasizes on this concept so much that by the end of the video, you would start thinking if your business or company has that value or the idea that will attract the customers.

Your belief in your idea is what drives innovation. People would buy your product not because they are embedded with all the latest technology or because it has that sleek design, they will buy it because they believe in your belief. It is the idea that will bring your product and your target customers together, and not the product itself. This doesn’t mean that you can sell a bad product if you add all the innovation and make them believe in your idea. The product is equally important when it comes to sales, but the idea and belief will provide you with an added benefit over your competitor who might have a similar product within a similar or even lower price range.

When Steve Jobs started Apple Computer Inc. he had a vision, a vision to make technology simpler. When he introduced all the products including the iPod and the iPhone, he did not try to sell it in the form of the latest tech, he tried to explain his innovative idea to people, and then he represented Apple products as an example of what his company believed. Introducing your product after people are aware of your idea and motives is the key to success. Your product should represent your morals, your morals should not be framed around your product.

Leadership lessons from Apple not only include Steve Jobs’ vision, it also includes Apple CEO Tim Cook’s leadership skills. Cook not only believed in Jobs’ vision, he kept his vision at the center of Apple. In his words, “It is in our DNA.” He accepted Jobs’ perspective of looking at Apple Inc. and its products and adopted the same method to deal with the most innovative company of all times.

Leadership lessons from Apple CEO Tim cook not only teaches us to have faith in our ideas, it also tells us to take a smart and calculative risk that will give us a head start. Sticking to your values no matter what, is what it takes to uphold and expand a fabled company like Apple.

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