Leadership Lessons from The HR Santa

Leadership lessons from the HR Santa

Let us talk about leadership lessons from the HR Santa. I recently wrote a huge letter to Santa seeking for a few leadership advices, it turns out my Santa is an HR executive.

Christmas 2015 is here. Lean back on your chair and think about it, the Santa Claus we have known is a well-known brand, people love and know him, even a 2-year-old does, yet Santa doesn’t have to pay for advertising. He has a huge stuff with him, pools of gifts and resources, yet he acquires better security than any organization or country. How? There are so many lessons from Santa, which can be implemented in order to build a successful organization.

The leadership lessons from the HR Santa, which I have learnt for a successful journey to success, from him goes on like this.


Always keep your employees at the top of your priority list. They are your backbone.

Establish an organization based on values, it will last longer.

Plan a mission with your team; develop a practical, executable, clear, and concise goal.


You cannot walk alone for a big mission. You need a great team.

Find out the best and right talent, it might not be an easy task, but it will be worth it.

Train, Groom, and Mentor your team.

Do not discourage the ones who are different, use them as an advantage and appreciate their talent.


Plan a strategy

Start preparing according to the plans.

Rehearse your plans along with your teammates.

Always review your execution of plans and strategies.


Leadership lessons from the HR Santa highly recommend you to transform yourself as a positive leader.

Listen and think before you speak.

Keep empowering your team.

Talk about your expectations with teammates.

Plan a strategy on how to deal with the mischievous ones’ in your team effectively without hurting them.

Set a good example and inspire your team and others.

Always maintain consistency and decisiveness.

Learn the importance of THANK YOU, and use it.

Do your own work by yourself. Don’t overload your team; they already have a heap to cover.

Stay positive and hard working.

So, these were the Leadership lessons from the HR Santa, which I have learnt. These Leadership lessons from the HR Santa are a basic foundation for a remarkable journey towards success. A successful journey always turns out to be a profitable one for both, leaders as well as their followers.

Merry Christmas!

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