Letter of Introduction Examples and Writing Tips

If you need to write a letter of introduction to a prospective employer or a potential new client, you should follow some rules for writing this kind of letter. It should be informative, straightforward, and it should describe the intention in the right manner. A good letter of introduction for a job can create some of the best networking results, and it can lead to better job opportunities.

When you are creating a letter of introduction for yourself, you should create the piece with attention to each detail. The letter should be detailed but still concise, and it should convey the message in a clear manner. 

What is a letter of introduction?

A letter of introduction is a type of correspondence used to introduce someone you know to someone else. It is known that, sometimes, people who know your friends are more valuable than people you know, and these types of connections can bring you much success. 

letter of introduction samples

Remember, a letter of introduction contributes to the first impression of the candidates as well.

You should learn how to write an introduction letter and introduce yourself in the best manner. There are two types of introduction letters. One of them is when you introduce a connection to someone else you know. You can introduce a connection with someone who is looking for employment or career assistance. 

Another type of letter of introduction is when you write to someone you have not met, and in this case, you introduce yourself to ask for a job referral. Both types of introduction letters are important in correspondence, and these should be written properly. 

How to write a letter of introduction?

One of the most important aspects of writing a letter of introduction is to keep it short and on point. First of all, introduce yourself or the person that you are recommending. Keep it clear why you are contacting the person, and explain the situation in a few sentences. Write about the points that you want to emphasize with the letter, and mention what kind of assistance the person you are writing to can offer. 

Be as clear as possible and mention your contact details or the contact details of the person you are introducing. This part is very important and it shows the professional approach that you have. 

There are many letter of introduction sample options that you can find online, but you should tailor the letter according to your needs. 

Here is a letter of introduction example that can serve as guidance when you are writing this kind of correspondence piece. 

Introducing two people through the letter of introduction 

Nora Roberts 

123 Ave 

Anytown, NJ 12345


June 5, 2021

John Higgis 

Talent Evaluation 

Dynamics Recruiting 

123 Road

Town, CA

Dear John, 

I am writing to introduce you to Susan Hofmann, who was my assistant at the dentist’s office in New Jersey. I am the main dentist at the office, and I have worked with Susan for over 5 years. She was of tremendous help, and at the moment, she is moving to California. 

I would be happy if you can help her relocate in a good way, and if you can offer her assistance in a new job search. She has been an important part of my office, and I am sure she will be a valuable asset at the new dentist’s office. 

I am providing her resume with this letter, and you can contact her at 123-123-12345 or Thank you for any assistance that you can provide. 


Nora Roberts 

Final thoughts 

A good letter of introduction can make a significant difference in someone’s career. It can change the career path for the better, and it can mean a huge step that will increase someone’s chances to get a dream job.

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