LinkedIn’s New Data Visualization Tools For Recruiters!

LinkedIn’s New Data Visualization Tools For Recruiters!Business oriented social networking site, LinkedIn made the big announcement on the second day its 2014 Talent Connect Conference in San Francisco by disclosing plans for its talent acquisition user base. It aims to make recruitment and hiring even more efficient for companies by combining data visualization and company culture patents.

LinkedIn’s vice president of talent solution Wade Burgess says, "Today what differentiates an average company from a great company is talent, we are working to connect talent with opportunity at mass scale."

Ever since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has turned into an irreplaceable tool for recruiters and headhunters, who are in search of that star-candidate. It even offers an official “recruiter” profile option for recruiters which enables them to hunt through its database and track outgoing queries rather than simply ravaging through personal connections. As a matter of fact, LinkedIn wants to make it even better for recruiters, by rolling out two new buzzworthy features in 2015.

The first one of the feature is a data visualization tool that will empower recruiters and headhunters to find qualified candidates by expanding the available data. Burgess stated how difficult it can be sometimes to find qualified candidates in certain locations where there is lack of any such talent pool, while such candidates are in excess in some other location. The data visualization tool will help recruiters targeted candidates who are willing to/likely to move to the so-called location in search of a new good opportunity.

Data visualization will be a path of hiring managers with particular needs to see across a more extensive scope of qualified candidates by changing the criteria – for example, geology, recompense, and experience level.

Burgess said that the company is doing something similar to what Billy Beane did. They are looking at a set of data that nobody else is looking to recruit top-notch talent.

The second feature will help recruiters’ spot trends and patterns among past fruitful hires to discover more individuals who are more likely to fit the company culture.

Burgess asked the crowd to imagine a scenario in which recruiters at startups could easily find successful hires instead of large corporations that bag away the best talents. Recruiters could use the tools to connect to someone who went to the same school as their colleagues or friend did. The easy to use tool can also be used to get more insights on candidates who are likely to fit the culture. Not much has been revealed about the tools yet, but we’re certain it’s going to be a huge help whenever it rolls out.

Additionally, LinkedIn announced that its Recruiter tool is currently incorporated with Smartrecruiters, a centralized cloud platform for HR recruiting.

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