There was a time when all the employer wanted was his workforce working constantly to yield good results. With the passage of time, employers realized that there is a difference between quantity and quality. Work results in huge quantities are pointless if they don’t serve the purpose of the organization. Good quality of work can only be obtained if the employees are focused without having anything to worry about. This is why the concept of giving paid leaves for illness, maternity, as well as paternity came up. What the HR missed out on was the fact that even pets are a part of the family. Hence pawternity leave must also be granted.

One will be able to focus on work only if he is free from worries. If an individual’s mind is preoccupied with some personal catastrophe, then it is slightly obvious that he will be unable to give his best. There are a number of times when an employee doesn’t take leave even when he or his family member is sick in order to not miss out on that day’s salary. In such a situation, he keeps working and his work productivity is hindered. Same is the case if one’s pet is not keeping well. Being a member of the family, the employee is bound to be concerned. This is why pet leave from work is important in order to retain the efficiency of the employee.

Pawternity leave

Pet leave from work is important in order to retain the efficiency of the employee.

Why is pawternity leave equally important

Granting pawternity leave doesn’t always mean that the employee’s pet needs to be extremely sick. It is necessary for the company to be considerate of an individual’s personal life. The employee might have to take his pet to the vet for timely vaccines or drop him off at the daycare. At such times, the company needs to adjust a little in order to keep the employee happy. By doing so, the employee will always remember the adjustments made by the company and will be grateful for them. This will increase his loyalty towards the organization and motivate him to do better.

There are various companies in different countries which are open to bringing pets to work for the convenience of the employee. If it is not feasible for the organization to do so, then the least it could do is grant pawternity leave. A rival company might use this perk as an added advantage to lure efficient candidates. Also, people always choose the company on the basis of the workplace environment it offers. Due to many such factors, pawternity leave is a must-have these days in any organization’s HR policy.

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