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The demand for jobs is always on a high. This does not mean that there is unemployment in this world. It also means that there can be people who are looking for a better opportunity or college graduates who want to step into the big world. Even if you are jobless or working in a respectable company, an open interview from this particular company will definitely sound appealing. One of the biggest companies in the Silicon Valley, Amazon is hosting a walk-in interview this week to hire thousands of employees at once. The high number of potential recruits clearly indicates that the e-commerce giant is willing to hire people for a number of its departments.

The open walk-in interview will take place at 13 fulfillment centers situated in the country of U.S. Earlier this year; Amazon had announced that it was hiring around 5,000 employees to work from home. Within a few months, a new recruitment project has popped up wherein the company wishes to hire 50,000 employees, literally ten times the previous number. This is a clear indication that the e-commerce giant is at an all-time high and is taking drastic measures to expand it. The company surely knows the value of a good workforce for its overall progress.

Amazon Job Offers

Amazon is hosting a walk-in interview this week to hire thousands of employees at once.

Amazon is hiring employees on 2nd August 2017

The main goal of Amazon is that by the end of 2nd August, 2017, the company must have 50,000 recruits nationwide. This day will be marked as Amazon Jobs Day. It is a walk-in interview which means that the candidates have to show up at any of these 13 fulfillment centers from 8 in the morning till noon. Some of the vacancies are labor-based and the candidate may need to adjust in a different atmosphere. This is because fulfillment centers are usually noisy and the indoor temperature fluctuates drastically. The nature of the vacant jobs is part-time as well as full-time.

At the mere mention of Amazon, people usually get an idea that it will offer big bucks. Sorry to disappoint you but that’s not the case. Especially in fulfillment centers, the salary is hourly and close to what one might make in retail stores. The wages also wary on the location you work in. But the company does offer tuition reimbursement and medical benefits. Working in Amazon will be beneficial to learn a number of skills and get a grasp on them as well. Apart from this, the mention of Amazon on your CV will surely catch the eye of the interviewer in future. Experience at such a notable company definitely counts. Along with this, as Amazon is a huge setup, there is a lot of scope for growth as well.

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