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The word ‘job openings’ gives a ray of hope to all those unemployed individuals or people looking for an opportunity to switch jobs. And the ray of hope turns into a lightening of excitement if the job openings are in SpaceX. When the space agency was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk, all it had was a carpet in the office and a mariachi band to celebrate its opening. Its humble beginning was followed by a vast expansion in terms of size, workforce, technology, as well as revenue. Currently, it employs hundreds of employees from all over the U.S. and receives finances from government and private contracts. Also recently, it made a revolutionary rocket launch by sending a second-hand rocket in space successfully. And now there is the news that this efficient organization is looking for 473 employees.

Elon Musk is globally renowned as an efficient leader in various professional arenas. Especially in terms of SpaceX, it is his lifelong goal to enable human life on the planet of Mars. In order to make this happen, he strives to build a team capable of taking space technology to the next level. Working under a revolutionary leader might be the best job opportunity one could look for. There have been incidents when employees were so dedicated to their job that they would blindly follow whatever Musk said. Well, this is a little over-the-top. Always pay attention to your leader’s instructions but apply your own thinking before performing the task. Such innovative thinking might also land you a job at SpaceX.

What do the job openings have in store?

On surfing through the ‘Careers’ page on the official website, it will intrigue the candidate with the huge variety of jobs available at the space agency. The 473 job openings are across 41 departments of SpaceX. Almost two-third of these openings is at the global headquarters of SpaceX in Hawthorne, California. The rest of the jobs are for offices in Cape Canaveral in Florida, Brownsville, and McGregor in Texas, Irvine, and Vandenberg in California, along with Redmond in Washington. Apparently, all the jobs here don’t require multiple fancy degrees or first-hand experience with rocket technology. It caters to many other departments except aerospace. For example, SpaceX is looking for candidates to form a legal counsel in its office in Washington D.C. If you are a cook with experience looking for a full-time job, the doors of the SpaceX office in McGregor, Texas are open for you.

Even though there are job openings in fields except for rocket science, a majority are in the technology department. 49 percent of the vacancies are for engineers, 33 percent are for technicians, 5 percent for managers, 5 percent for specialists, 5 percent for machinists, and lastly 1 percent for directors. If you are looking for a promising job, SpaceX might be the place for you. People working here claim that this company has some of the most hard working and brightest people in the world. If you want to join this esteemed yet intelligent workforce, keep your resume ready.

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