Luxury Gift Ideas for Employees Who Rock!

Rewards and gifts to employees by a company is a way to show appreciation for all the hard work put in through the year. It can also be a way to share in the profit and growth that the company enjoys. It is a tried and trusted method employed by most corporates. So what is new this time? Considering the disruptive past one year where employees have been forced to adapt to a new way of working and face numerous work, family and health tension, the need for some token of appreciation becomes predominant. Here are some luxury gift ideas for employees who helped the company wade through the coronavirus crisis.

Corporate Gift Ideas for Employers Who Care

Do not go with the trite and tried boring ideas of corporate gifting. New times call for new corporate gift ideas for employees. Here are a few suggestions to warm the hearts and elicit happy surprises. Remember personalize the gift, be appropriate, and look for quality.

luxury corporate gift ideas for employees

Wellness Gifts

Create a healthy gift basket with access to organic immune-boosting food, a gym subscription, a relaxing spa gift card.

Accessories Combo

Formalwear accessories combos. For men: Ties, Pocket squares, cufflinks, wallets. For women: Clutches and handbags.

Customized Gift Bag

This means delving a little deep into the likes and dislikes of your employees. Before customizing, have them answer 20 questions pertaining to their hobbies, relaxation habits, etc. Then customize accordingly. You may gift music lovers with vinyl records, speakers, and headphones; sports lovers with sports gear such as custom sports tees, sports shoes, or other accessories of a sport of their choice, the makeup fiend can get some high-end perfume and a high-end branded gift card.

Ergonomic chairs

A good idea would be to order ergonomic chairs for all your employees, special delivery to their homes. Since a lot of them are spending time sitting at home desks, a comfortable chair would be most welcome.

An office essentials bag

It could have a portable phone charger, Bluetooth speakers and earphones, engraved water bottles, a coffee warmer, laptop stand.

Personal Care Products

Personal hygiene products are the new essentials for everyone. You can curate a gift basket containing sanitizers, funky masks, essential oils set, moisturizing and handwashing sets, etc.

Paid Family Days

Give a day off as a corporate gift on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, outstanding performance at work. Arrange a family picnic or lunch. Or an experiential outing such as bungee jumping, balloon ride, a boat trip. You can even arrange a professional at-home photoshoot for the employee with family and partners.

Online Classes

Offer sponsored enrolment to online classes on topic/course of their choice to employees. It will make for a great corporate gift and presents a caring image of the organization.

Customized Kindle

You can customize the Kindle with a personal message and design. Anyone who likes to read will be thrilled with the gift. Even if a person is not a heavy reader, it is something that anyone will appreciate.

Dual Wine Holder

It is stylish and classy and convenient. It can be even carried on the move.

Bose Wireless Headphone

Listening to a song and discovering a different experience, with clearer instruments and more musical nuances, noise cancellation, voice control, and crystal-clear audio make these headphones extraordinary.

Ember Mug

This smart mug gets its name from allowing people to choose the precise temperature they want their drink!

The drink is never too hot or too cold. Additionally, it’s easy to clean, has a built-in battery, smart LED screen, a charging coaster, auto sleep feature, safe temperature range, and can be controlled with a smartphone.

The above-listed luxury gifts for employees can be curated for from $100 to $500 and are a good way to show some quality appreciation.

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