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Landit Screengrab, Image Credit: Landit on Google Play

Landit Inc., a startup founded by Lisa Skeete Tatum, a venture capitalist has managed to raise $2M in order to help women professionals to proceed in their career, especially through a phase of career transition. It is basically designed to help professionals draw their career’s playbook. The startup aims at those experienced professionals who are looking forward to exploring new challenges in work, or wish to excel in present job role, but have no idea how to work for it.

Lisa Skeete Tatum, the founder of Landit, said that her company will offer women professionals to provide information related to their work experience, skills, and preferences. Landit will also provide them with a goal to attain job listings that are personalised, and access to Mobius Executive Leadership, CV revision, and resume services’ professional coaching.

Landit surely faces stiff competition from professional and career-focused platforms, for instance, LinkedIn and

The startup solely aims to focus primarily on women professionals, because Landit founder believes that the challenges of engagement and advancement are more acute where women are concerned. The reason behind this, according to her, is because women professionals are rarely considered to be a part of those informal networks, which figuratively and literally promote their own associates. Often, women feel they’re way too occupied to spare attention to aspects such as personal positioning and personal branding, and they are less likely to have their career advancements’ roadmap prepared.


Landit Screengrab, Image Credit: Landit on Google Play

In order to solve such issues, Landit starts by collecting quite an unusual amount of personal data. The company isn’t just interested in an individual’s job history, rather, it also wants to know about your experience in volunteering, your maximum and minimum working hours, whether you’re willing to work as a consultant on part-time basis, and if your work preference is to be a part of a place or team having higher account on autonomy. The platform requires an individual to identify a personal brand, and it slots advisors into two categories ‘Point Expert’ and ‘Connector’ respectively.

Landit Inc., will further merge every detail and utilize it to find jobs suitable for the candidate to apply. The main motive behind the platform is to evaluate work culture, goals, skills, and find a perfect job role for a candidate. Skeete Tatum not only wants to match for competency, but also for the perfect fit.

Eventually, the technology employed by Landit will prove to be relevant for any individual in the workplace.

If the plans work as per strategy, the startup venture has everything, which can surpass LinkedIn easily. Rather than connecting people through their career, the way LinkedIn does, Landit, on the contrary, wants to appeal the candidates at the right moment for something new, interesting, and challenging.

Skeete Tatum quotes, because “Women represent 51% of the workforce but are only in 19% of senior management roles. They, or we, aren’t progressing through the ranks of these organizations as we should be.”

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