Millennial Employees Need More Than A Pay Raise

By 2025, millennial will represent three-quarters of the working population globally. Millennial employees embody openness to take new opportunities, the courage to accept challenges, attitude of learning from mistakes, faster thinking, and aspiration to give quality output within deadlines. Till date, the human resource department (HR) designed modules to pour these qualities for efficient labor productivity. However, there is a radical shift in of HR functioning with the emergence of competent millennial employees. The workplace culture has refined drastically to match the tune of this young staff in terms of office atmosphere, remunerations packages, promotion opportunities, motivation techniques, work timings and exit policies. Keeping in mind the millennial characteristics, here are important guidelines for the people on board to manage to get best out of the young workforce.

Mind Works Faster When Maximum Utilized

Millennial Employees Multi-taskingThe learning ability of these people is faster than the previous generation. It complements their trait of getting bored too often. Subsequently, the young employees have a natural multi-tasking ability. The management needs to be on toes to provide new & complex opportunities to the employees. An everyday challenging task excites the workers and motivates them to come to the place of work the next day.

Move One Level Up

Millennial Employees CareerMobility is another typical aspect of a millennial workforce. The management can extract the maximum potential of the employees, given this feature is utilized in a rational way. The employees resonate change positively. They would adore their cabins if they have to juggle between different departments or assignments or even geographical locations to acquire new knowledge and learn a new set of skills. Whereas if the staff members sense that there are limited opportunities to move up, they would not hesitate to quit instantly.

Access to Social Networking Sites

Millennial Employees Social NetworkMillennial generation belongs to digital natives. In a broader sense, these people were the early adopters of technological innovations and inventors of ‘www.’ era. Facebooking, Instagramming, and Tweeting are their modes of communication and amplify their network. In a way, remaining online all time gives them a feeling of being close to the people they love. So the management’s reluctant approach towards social networking sites can result in ‘a palm on the face’ action and can hamper the performance of the younger staff.

Work-Life Balance is a Must

Millennial_Social LifeCompared to earlier employees, the new employees give priority to work-life balance. When the quality work gets done in stipulated time location of work doesn’t matter to the new workforce. Also in a highly connected and instant world, 9-to-5 office hours sound like living in the dinosaur age. More pay for more work also doesn’t motivate millennial. They give equal weight to their social lifestyle such as going out for vacations, spending time with kids, attending PTMs, and hang-out with friends.

Considering work-life balance a must, organization designs remuneration packages with flexible timings, work from remote location, shared space work, cafeteria coupons. Even the office architecture has evolved from individual cabins to adding yoga room, recreation center, and nap room.

Look for Personal Guidance

Millennial Employees Mentor DiscussionThe fresh batch of workers knows how to manage job responsibilities and well equipped with the technical know-how of the system. On the other hand, they lack personal guidance when it comes to decisions like purchasing new homes or an automobile. Here they look forward to their seniors or can say, mentors for informal discussions on a routine basis. Though this behavior seems a sweeping transformation in a corporate culture, we can’t expect the millennial employees to follow the traditions!

Anna Verasai
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