Most Influential HR Leaders Powerlist

From Tracy Keogh to Mike Fenlon, these are the most powerful HR Leaders changing the corporate world.

HR Leaders had a difficult job prior to the pandemic. The current crisis has brought to focus two of the biggest challenges in front of human resource departments at the world’s leading organizations. One is the need to juggle a wide array of everyday concerns. The other is the extraordinary pace of “digital transformation,” which has exacerbated the pressure on organizations to adapt. It is easy to understand why so many organizations rely heavily on a Global HR Leader’s extensive knowledge of people-management practices.

Most Influential HR Leaders Powerlist 2020

Influential HR Leaders


Influential HR Leaders

In today’s challenging times, vision and resilience can be two very important virtues. These qualities are evident in the men and women who’ve achieved a spot in The HR Digest’s list of Influential HR Leaders Changing the Corporate World. Their success is a result of an unwavering leadership acumen in the face of ever-increasing challenges. We say this with confidence, based on our interviews with Influential HR Leaders from companies such as 3M, CISCO, HP, Walmart, Walgreens, and many more.

Donna Morris, Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer, Walmart Inc. 

Donna Morris HR Leader

Integrity, passion, and teamwork – these are the values that Walmart looks for in its employees and fosters through its talent management. Donna Morris, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at Walmart, discusses the world’s largest retailer’s priorities when selecting future leadership pipeline, and why companies who hire a diverse talent do better than others.

Francine Katsoudas, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, CISCO

Francine Katsoudas HR Leader

In these challenging times, Francine Katsoudas, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer of CISCO, is making a herculean effort to build on the advantages of a values-driven corporate culture. In a conversation with The HR Digest, she explains why a conscious culture plays a dominant role in motivating employees at the world’s leading information technology and networking company.

Kathleen Wilson-Thompson, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Human Resources Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. 

Kathleen Wilson Thompson HR Leader

The purpose of servant leadership, according to Kathleen Wilson-Thompson, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Human Resources Officer at Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc., is to empower people. In an interview with The HR Digest, Wilson-Thompson talks about her personal leadership style and the power of harnessing the digital transformation of COVID-19 era.

Kristen M. Ludgate, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, 3M 

Kristen Ludgate HR Leader

Kristen Ludgate, who leads 3M’s human resources team, talks to The HR Digest about the “15% culture” philosophy that has helped attract the industry’s most driven workers and how tough times can have a motivational impact on the workforce.

Mike Fenlon, Chief People Officer, PwC 

Mike Fenlon HR Leader

As a global consulting leader whose success depends on client trust, PwC puts a high value on talent with passion, grit and vision. From the vantage point of an extraordinarily lengthy career at the company, Mike Fenlon talked with The HR Digest about how PwC’s “reimagining the possible” motto has helped forge an outstanding performance culture.

Shannon Bagley, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Centene Corporation

Shannon Bagley HR Leader

How to create positive change in company diversity? What is the role of HR in driving the diversity agenda? What advice can a global HR leader give to small businesses treading the economic shock of the COVID-19 pandemic? These were only some of the topics The HR Digest discussed with Shannon Bagley, Executive Vice President – Human Resources at Centene Corporation.



Tracy Keogh, Chief Human Resources Officer, HP Inc. 

Keogh Tracy HR Leader

When Tracy Keogh was appointed as Chief Human Resources Officer of HP Inc. she quickly emerged as one of the world’s leading figures in the technology industry. Talking to The HR Digest, Keogh describes “The HP Way,” the changing nature of the industry, and how she balances the heritage of an 81-year-old company with her own fresh approach. 


A version of this article appeared in the October 2020 (p. 54) issue of The HR Digest. 

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