MOVE Guides Helps in Making Employee Relocation Easier

In order to achieve maximum progress, the companies prevalent today are eager to expand their sector beyond geographical boundaries. By doing so, they not only widen their market reach but also attain the best workforce from different parts of the world. For this reason, one can notice a significant increase in the placement of permanent business houses overseas. Though this might be beneficial for the company on various levels, but moving to an entirely new city and working there can be a taxing process for the employee. To deal with this, the HR needs to take care of certain factors during employee relocation.

At times employers believe that by shifting an inefficient employee to a new location, he might be able to work better in a different environment. But this ideology usually backfires. Considering this, the company should preferably send an experienced and efficient employee to an international office. This is in regard to the fact that if the employee has the quality of multi-tasking, he can handle the pressure of settling down as well as adapting a new work environment.

Even if the employee is one of the best of the company, he does have trouble adjusting in a new city, especially if he has never been there. This is because travelling to a new location is way different than relocating there. Keeping this in mind, the HR should make necessary provisions for the employee’s relocation. One of the best ways of doing so is hiring the MOVE Guides.

What is the MOVE Guides

The MOVE Guides is considered to be a complete solution for international employee relocation. The company helps one learn about the city he is moving to and also help him with the process. It enables the employee to not only book multiple suppliers, but also compare the rates and services offered by these suppliers. By providing such varied services, the process of moving to a new city becomes almost seamless.

MOVE Guides does work for the companies planning to relocate their employees, but also works for the companies providing these relocation services. The company is headquartered in London but has expanded in New York, Hong Kong, and San Francisco. MOVE Guides consists of employees belonging to over 15 nationalities and has raised funds worth more than $10 million.


The MOVE Guides provides services to make employee relocation easier.

How will MOVE Guides help in employee relocation

Moving to an international location for work might prove to be an extremely stressful task for the individual. Apparently, he has to show his efficiency at the workplace. Along with this, he also has to find a place to live in a city he is totally unaware of. This is when the MOVE Guides comes in handy. There are various problems one has to face on shifting to a new city on a permanent basis. This includes time-consuming tasks like opening a bank account in the local bank, attaining a driver’s license, applying for a national insurance number, registering with health providers, setting up the commodities in the new home and much more. MOVE Guides caters to all these needs. Therefore, the company’s HR indulging in employee relocation can make the process easy by signing up with the MOVE Guides.

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