My Boss is Rude To Me. I Am At The wit’s End.

It’s bad enough to have to work with co-workers who don’t support you, but when your boss is rude, it can affect your morale.  Jane Harper is here to advise you on how to deal with a rude boss at work.

Hi Jane,

I’m in an awful situation at work. I work for a quality manager in our company. He’s very esteemed, super-smart and he adds a lot of the executive team. The problem with “Jack” is that he has never spoken to me in a normal tone of voice. If it isn’t sarcasm, it’s condescending or rude. On some days, everything is rude. If an envelope sealed is even the tiniest bit crooked, I get yelled at for being disorganized. If it’s perfectly straight, I get asked: “Did you even use a ruler like a normal person?”

I cannot have a conversation with my rude boss like a regular person. When I ask him work-related questions, I get “Figure it out on your own. I’m not running a school here.” The last time we had this interaction, it haunted me for days. I could go on and one about him. Someday I feel so bad, I feel like quitting right then and there. When I spoke to a coworker about it, he brushed it off saying “Jack is a pretty intense dude.”

How do I deal with my super-rude boss? Do you have any tips?

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