My coworker kissed me. I’m absolutely petrified. Apologizing to him is out of question. What next?

Canoodling with an office coworker might cause real trouble. It may seem like there’ll never be a danger, but kissing a coworker is guaranteed to change things.

Dear Jane,

I’m totally petrified that this happened at the annual office party. Things got out of hand and my coworker kissed me, which I enthusiastically reciprocated. It wasn’t just a peck. We basically hooked up with each other for a full ten minutes until it was time to leave.

Luckily everyone at the office was drunk and I saw a couple of coworker act like absolute idiots. (My boss was throwing up on his desk, another coworker was pretending to pole-dance in the pantry area, etc.) I won’t lie, I feel kissing a coworker is a morally wrong thing to do.

My coworker who kissed me is a nice enough guy, but I don’t think either of us is thinking future. I am so embarrassed. I liked him but I never imagined I’d do anything like this. Apologizing to him would be weird. Ignoring the whole thing feels weird too. What is right? What should be my next step?

Kissy Artisan

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