New Employee Orientation Guide to Help You Increase Retention & Productivity

New employee orientation has a monumental impact on loyalty and engagement. 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for at least three years if they experienced a great onboarding experience. Moreover, it can take anywhere between 8 months and 24 months for a new employee to reach their full potential, depending on their orientation during their first day/week. Follow our New Employee Orientation Guide if you’d like to mentally and emotionally integrate employees into your organization, and equip them with the best skills, tools and support to reach maximum productivity.

Every workplace or organization needs to follow a new employee orientation program for recruits. The program is essential to brief the employee of the organization’s workplace policies and methods and make them comfortable in the workplace. Organizations have guidelines and a set of information that they should share with every new employee. However, depending on the job profile, job responsibilities, and the recruit’s experience, the information and guidelines will differ.

Guide new employee orientation process program

To win the world you must first win the workplace.

The new employee orientation process is often presided by the Human Resources department and contains an information set of:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Work Environment
  • Job Description 
  • Benefits and its Eligibility
  • Managers and co-workers
  • Company culture
  • Company background 
  • Workplace Organization Chart

The new hire orientation program includes introducing the new employee to each department of the corporation and also to the employees he/she will be associated with and collaborating with. The onboarding process also includes training for the employee, which a co-worker usually conducts.

How to Conduct Employee Orientation?

How to conduct employee orientation? Different organizations have different ways of conducting the new hire orientation. The orientation programs can range from an entire day or two of filing paperwork, presentations to a several-day schedule of introductions to all departments and key persons of a company.

Many organizations also assign a mentor to the new employee who will help them understand the processes and make them feel comfortable easily and quickly.   

Following is a new employee orientation checklist that HR should adhere to: 

A.      Administrative Support

Help new employees to fill out the HR paperwork. The paperwork usually consists of the following documents:

  • Organization Policies form (I-9 form and W-4 form)
  • Employee Acknowledgement Form
  • Background Check Form

The HR should also explain to the new employee about the regular procedures, like:

  • Process of entering and exiting the office premises with a security token or biometric scanner   
  • How to place Office supplies orders
  • How to request leaves and time- off  

The HR should also provide the new employee with an employee uniform if it’s applicable.

B.      Company Policies 

It is essential to brief the new employee about the employment agreement terms and policies of the organization. The new employee should sign these forms:

  • Non-disclosure Agreement
  • Non-compete Agreement
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Employee Invention Agreement

The HR should also offer resources like the essential perks and benefits that the organization is liable to offer:

  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Mobile Plan Reimbursement
  • Company Car Policy
  • Training Program Guide
  • Performance Bonus Guide
  • Employee Wellness Program

HR must give the new employee a copy of the employee handbook and answer any queries that they may have.

Additionally, HR should also do the following: 

  • Show the new employee the meeting rooms and explain the process of booking them.
  • Show the building’s emergency exits.
  • Schedule, a team-wide meet-up for the new employee in an informal group lunch or after hour, get together to make them more comfortable  

C.      Workstation Setup

The HR should do the following to the new employee:  

  • Brief the employee about the office tools like telephone, printer, and video conferencing tools.
  • Give an overview of the primary corporate online channels like the intranet, email, company website, shared drives, and data security software. 
  • Assign an IT employee to assist the new employee with the computer setup.  
  • Schedule detailed training on the IT security guidelines.
  • Provide stationary to the new employee for efficient work processes. 

How to create an effective employee orientation program?

Following are the things that make new employee orientation program a class apart:  

  • Has defined and detailed goals and adheres to them 
  • It makes the first joining day of the new employee a celebration
  • Involves both family and co-workers into the induction program
  • It makes new employees productive on the first joining day
  • It is not tedious, rushed, or ineffective
  • Takes down new employee feedback and follows them  

A new employee orientation program is a crucial step in making a recruit comfortable and giving them the zest to work efficiently throughout their careers. 

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