Why New Hires Quit Their Job Too Quickly?

New hires quit their jobs really quickly, it’s a given. More than 40% of employees leave their new job within 6 months of joining. What could be the possible reason for leaving a new job at such an early phase? Chances are, something is wrong with the onboarding process. Or the candidate who you thought to be a great cultural fit is not getting accustomed to your work environment. Or he simply got a better offer that pays higher than what you offer.

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What can be done by employers to improve their retention? Or what changes in the onboarding process can help employers to retain new hires? Or how your current team leaders or employees help the new hires to get familiar with their new job? Here’s what is going wrong and what you should be doing about it:


The employees feel cheated when the work that they do and the job responsibilities that they are assigned are nothing like the ones described during the interview. Either, employees are not given the opportunity to work on the things that they were hired to do or they are not assigned any cool projects which were discussed by the interviewer before hiring him. In such a situation, employees can no longer cope up with their new job and thus decide to quit.


Employees who joined the team recently are already open for a new and better job and if the opportunity knocks their door, they are more than happy to quit their new job. They believe that there are enough jobs in the market to let them hop jobs and they join with the mindset of changing the job if it isn’t the right fit. In the initial phase, they might still be the job search phase, continuously looking for better opportunities, and grabs the first one that knocks their door.


New employees are more likely to leave if the new boss they are assigned is a jerk. Managers are often not aware of new hire’s needs and they leave if they are underappreciated, overworked, or were treated badly by their manager. They are willing to change their job as soon as they come to know that his/her boss is a horrid person, instead of tolerating everything.


People who are newly hired won’t be aware of how things are done and without proper training, they will feel helpless and miserable. As an employer, you have to take initial measures to make sure that the new hires are receiving proper training and know what they are supposed to do. You cannot leave them to figure out their job roles by themselves, you have to guide them on how to get started. Companies should provide at least 15 days of training if not for a month or two so that new hires get accustomed to the job roles and the work environment. Employees don’t want to be thrown to the wolves when they are not prepared enough.

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