No Need To Break Your Bank For Rewarding Employees!

Your employees work hard every day. There are times when this hard work goes unnoticed. In other words, you fail to reward them with appreciation and recognition. This is not good. Appreciate your employees for the efforts they are placing to guarantee the success of your organization. It’s quite important to realize that appreciation and employee recognition directly correlates to employee satisfaction.

So in such case, it’s quite necessary that your company organizes employee appreciation day once in a month. On this day, reward those employees who’ve worked harder and smarter compared to rest. There are so many ways to reward your employees and make them happy.

A happy and a satisfied employee will perform a better job and is less inclined to move to another job. By offering the employee of the month reward, you’re giving a clear idea to your employees that their work matters. Do not let work stress arrive in the path of showing gratitude.

Now, the whole point comes to finance. If you’re a small business, you don’t have to break the bank for rewarding employees. We have compiled a comprehensive guide that includes fun employee recognition ideas. You can use these ways to reward your employees when you’re on a tight budget. Moreover, studies have shown that it’s not cash which boosts employee morale and satisfaction every time. Sometimes perks like a pizza party, movie tickets, etc. can do wonders for employees.

Reward Your Employees Without Breaking Your Bank

Ways To Reward Your Employees

  1. Flexible Work Hours

Reward flex hours so that they can plan their working schedule as per their convenience. For instance, offer them some time so they could visit their doctor during working hours for health checkups.

  1. 2 – 3 Days Off

Your employees work hard. Make sure they feel pampered by offering 2 – 3 paid working days off as an employee of the month reward.

  1. Telecommuting

Offer options to telecommute for a day or two. This way, your employees can relax by working away from their usual packed cubicle.

  1. Fully Stocked Office Kitchen

Offer free coffee, chocolates, snacks, and soft drinks during work hours. You can add fresh fruits and organic milk.

  1. Cultural Benefits

Keep your workplace environment exciting by offering passes to movie outing, sporting events, and concerts.

  1. Create A Chart That Looks Like “Hall OF Fame”

You can put this chart in the common lunch room where everyone can see the name of the star employee of the month.

  1. Allow Your Employee To Bring Their Pet For A Day

Why not? It’ll be fun. Moreover, this will make your employee quite happy and others can relax for a while with the friendly pet, too.

  1. Send A Hand-Written Letter

This is one of the best ways to appreciate your employees. It’ll simply make your employee’s day. Your letter can boost their motivation.

  1. Offer Car Care

Your employees usually don’t get time to get their car in the garage for an oil change or a wash. You can arrange it for them. This will allow them to concentrate on their work.

  1. Massages

A good body massage after a hectic work day feels like heaven. Arrange for a massage so that employees can bounce back fresh to their work.

So there are so many options to keep your employees happy. These are just the tip of an iceberg. Do you have more fun ideas? Let us know. We’d like to hear from you.

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