NOT TO DO GUIDE: Things Not To Do Within First Week at a New Job

You look at your surrounding as you enter the revolving door and walk to the elevator, not a single familiar face. You straighten out your suit, enter the elevator, press #9, and take a deep breath. Once those elevator doors reopen, you would be officially starting your first week at a new job.

first week at a new job

The door opens – here begins your first day at your new job. No matter if it’s your first job or your tenth, the first week at a new job can be a little intimidating. If you are offered a new job, that you are willing to accept, you might have done your research on things to do at a new job. Even when you are well aware of all the things you should be doing, you might end up doing something you shouldn’t have.

Here are some things not to do at a new job:

Don’t show up late

You have a 9-to-5 job, it’s 8:50, and you’re still waiting for the subway? Don’t you know the power of first impressions? You cannot be late on the very first day at your new job. You have to make sure that you are sitting at your new desk by 8:50 AM. Try to reach 10 minutes early, not more than that. Arriving 20 or more minutes early will make you look too eager for the new job.

Don’t forget to introduce yourself

You can’t miss the chance of introducing yourself to your colleagues on the very first day. You may feel overwhelmed by meeting about a hundred new people in a day. But, this is your chance to make that strong and positive first impression. You have to place yourself as someone who is friendly and warm from the very beginning.

Don’t use “Reply-All” button unless it’s unavoidable

This little button is sent straight from the hell to ruin your life. Once you use it in the wrong email, and BAM, your career turns into a nightmare. People have lost their jobs and have made a fool of themselves by sending out emails using this button. You need to make sure that you really want to “reply all” before using this devilish button.

Don’t act like a know-it-all

You might know how things are done in a particular field, but you need to know how it’s done at your new company. You don’t have to know everything, you can ask for help. Asking for help is a great way to interact with your new colleagues and make them like you.

Don’t bring tuna for lunch

Do I need to explain this? Do not bring anything that will make people sniff and turn their heads towards you. You don’t want to have all the eyes on you within the first week at a new job, do you?

Don’t dress inappropriately

Your boss and colleagues won’t be much concerned about how you dress unless you are in the fashion industry. However, power dressing is a really great way to make a strong first impression. You need to observe the dress code of your company when you attend the interview. If you don’t get a clue about the dressing on the interview day, ask the HR about company’s dress code.

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