What Not To Wear At Work for Females

Professionals these days have to follow so many codes of conduct and workplace etiquettes. Office wardrobe etiquettes have become an essential part of work life. Men have a few codes to follow when it comes to wearing professional outfits at work. Women, on the other hand, have a pile of office wardrobe etiquettes to follow. A majority of you might say we’re aware of what to wear in the office. But are you aware of what NOT to wear at work? You may not even know, but your choices of outfits at work could be annoying your bosses already!

Moreover, the choice of your outfits reflects your personality. Sure, there are many companies these days where they do not follow dress conducts. But it must be remembered that freedom from dress code does not offer the rights to dress like a slob or some hooker. Even if you’re working in some office which is so casual, there are certain things which you need to avoid. We have made a list of a few things, which are highly recommended in the category of “What Not to Wear at Work”.

Office Wardrobe Etiquettes – Ladies, Watch Out What You’re Wearing At Work

Office Wardrobe Etiquettes

  1. Overpowering Perfume

Resist the urge of using overpowering perfume at the workplace. Just because you prefer strong perfume does not mean everyone else at the workplace does. Moreover, there are many who are allergic to strong scents. So in order to ensure your colleagues do not resent your presence, avoid going for strong scents and perfumes. Instead, you can go for a sweet smelling deodorant at work.

  1. Flip – Flops

Please avoid wearing flip-flops at the workplace, especially when you’re an employee at some high-end office. From sky-high heels to formal shoes, there are so many options for you to go. Flip-flops will make you look sloppy and overly casual at work. In case, you don’t prefer heels, opt for those chic ballets and avoid the thong slippers, please.

  1. Sheer Dresses

Sure, sheer dresses have returned. Kim Kardashian’s recent public appearance wearing a sheer dress in the public has given more fuel to the trend. It may look good at the runways, but they aren’t one of the good choices of outfits at work. In fact, wearing a sheer dress is totally unacceptable in a workplace environment.

  1. Wet Hair

Dear ladies, avoid leaving for office in wet hair. It’s highly unprofessional. Nothing shows more that you woke up late than wet hair. It shows your lack of time management skills. Who would consider you as a reliable employee if you do not know how to manage your own things?

  1. Excessive Cleavage Show

You’re not in some party or runway. Wearing dresses that display excessive cleavage can raise eyebrows of your colleagues. You’re in office to work and let others work, too. Provocation shouldn’t even exist in your list of workplace priorities.

So, now that you’re aware of these office wardrobe etiquettes, try to follow them always. It’s important to realize that your workplace outfits explain a greater part of your lifestyle. Don’t let your bosses get the signals of you being unprofessional when it comes to dress codes.

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