Nothing Unofficial for Office(ial) Halloween

The dress-up season is here and it’s time to be what you want and not be apologetic at all. Halloween is supposed to mark the end of summer as well as all that’s bright and beautiful. It also highlights the onset of winter and the cold, dark days to come. Halloween is when people shed their outward style and attitudes just to embrace an inner and a darker side of theirs. The Celtic festival brings with it a form of exuberance where people feel like embracing a gothic or vampire-like or slutty or devilish look than the usual. The same has to be kept in mind for the Halloween office party.

The 31st of this month will be seeing people put their best foot forward and showcasing their Halloween costume in all its glories. While it is just a festival where nothing needs to be taken seriously, you need to be cautious about your appearance. More so, if you are dressing up for your office Halloween party. Your work environment is a formal space which needs to be respected. While you may feel that you have the freedom to wear what you feel like, you may overstep your boundary. Because believe it, you do not want to see your colleagues and bosses think of you in a different light.

No Slut-Fest!

The slutty twist to the Halloween season is something that is extremely common and highly in fashion. Even then, you might want to reconsider about dressing up as ‘slutty Ms. whoever-you-want', because you might send the wrong impression to your boss and your co-workers. Dressing up as Wonder Woman or Snow White may be alright and in fact, it is better to represent a character in its true form. But try making it dirty by adding a slutty angle and you may get into trouble for dressing inappropriately. In fact, you could even end up sending the wrong signals elsewhere.

You may work for a company which is extremely forward thinking and lenient, but that does not call for over-stepping your boundaries. It is okay to be comfortable with your sexuality, but a slutty outfit might have others thinking that you have repressed carnal desires. Your bold look can be rebound where others think that you are rebelling against something.

No Slut Fest

You may get into trouble for dressing inappropriately.

‘You (must not) know nothing’

The Game of Thrones is something that has taken the present times by storm and dressing up as one of those characters might turn some heads. For a workplace, Jon Snow is an ideal person to imitate as it is 'playing it safe' where you tell other how ‘you know nothing’ about anything.

On the other hand, Daenerys Targaryan can be a tricky one to deal with because again you are showing your different side to your boss. Your boss might end up feeling that you don’t need to take orders from anyone. The boss may even feel that you are anti-establishment where you believe in giving people their freedom. Your boss is already dealing with enough worries and does not need to know that he will be dealing with dragon fire when it comes to you. Also, you may want to be called the ‘mother of dragons’ but end up being ‘Mother of unemployed’ by sending the wrong messages in that look.

Game of Thrones

Your boss is already dealing with enough worries and does not need to know that he will be dealing with dragon fire when it comes to you.

Fickle is (NOT) Fun

Talking about new inventions that are in vogue, the fidget spinner is one thing that comes to mind. You may want to look cool and feel like you are keeping ahead of times by wearing the fidget spinner costume. But the impression that your colleagues and your boss will get is something that you may not have thought. A fidget spinner is required when someone is dealing with stress and it acts as a tool that gives an outlet to your worries. Your costume may speak of you as someone who is very fickle-minded and not confident. The boss and your co-workers need not know about that because then they may not be able to depend on you or want to rely on you.

Fickle is Not Fun

Your costume may speak of you as someone who is not confident.

Nothing too Boss-y

Halloween is a time of celebration where you can be whoever you want but there is one person you must never be. That person is your Boss. No matter how cool your boss is, you may over-step your boundary by dressing up as your boss. This may make you look like you do not respect your boss. Everyone at the office would take it that you find it okay to joke about your seniors.  This instance can land you in trouble where your boss may not rely on you with important assignments. You can even end up in an awkward office situation.

Not Bossy

No matter how cool your boss is, you may over-step your boundary by dressing up as your boss.

They read how you lead…

When it comes to the workplace, you might want to think about how to represent yourself. This is because that is how people will read you. The way you dress up reflects your work environment and you do not want people to get the wrong impression. In your office, people may belong to different backgrounds and not everyone will accept such openness. Your boss, the one who hires and fires, need not know what you are thinking of. This is because anything you do or say will be held against you.

It is always better to play safe with something simple and silly for office parties. Clown costumes, animal costumes, action hero costumes and all do not invite uncalled attention. They tend to catch eyes but not in the wrong way. And also you don’t end up making the scene awkward. Home and personal gatherings are places where you can let your hair down and play into your whims and fancies. But at a workplace, every movement, every thought, every action, reveals something about you. And people will read it the way they like. Hence play safe at your workplace this Halloween and don’t end up sending false intentions or rubbing people off.

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