Office Christmas Decorating 101: Easy Ideas That Take 10 Minutes Or Less

You may think it’s a bit too early to start decorating the office for Christmas, but it’s never too early to start gathering decorating ideas! Here are our under-ten-minute Christmas decorating ideas.

Besides shopping for Christmas and holiday gifts for co-workers, decorating your office is probably at the top of the December checklist, right? After all, decorating with cutesy Christmas banners is one of the best ways to get you and your employees into the holiday spirit. As the festive season knocks at the door, you will need some office Christmas decorating ideas that will stand out from the rest of the ideas and make your office a special place. 

6 Easy Office Christmas Decorating Ideas

Your coworkers will certainly enjoy the office Christmas decoration because this deck up can be truly unique and beautiful. To make the most out of under-ten-minute decoration, you will need a few special tools and materials, like cotton, paper, and empty boxes. 

Most of all, you will need imagination and great ideas to make the office Christmas decoration unforgettable. Let’s start with the best ideas.

Christmas Party ideas

Make a snowman 

For this office Christmas decor, you will need a lot of cotton and some decorative colors. Make the base of the showman with cotton and make the full body with the same material. For the carrot and eyes, use the paper that is shaped specifically to mimic these objects. Be creative with the hat and other details like the belly buttons and similar details.

Decorate the space with balloons 

Balloons are not only suitable for birthday decoration, they are also great for office Christmas decor. You can use different colors, like blue, yellow, or silver, or you can stick to the basic white and red combination. The options are numerous and your space will certainly look different with these additions. 

Get a small Christmas tree for desk

Each desk at your office can have a small Christmas tree for decoration. These trees are especially cute when they are decorated with small ornaments and lights. If you have one of these trees at your desk, you will certainly enjoy this detail at work.

Snow Capped Decoration 

To make these Christmas desk decorations, you will need a lot of cottons. The main idea is to wrap the desk with a lot of cotton that mimics the effect of snow. You can use cotton because it is smooth and soft, and it can be spread all over the desk. Cover the edges of your computer screen, the outside of your office box, and put some cotton at the base of your chair. This way, you will create the effect of snow everywhere.

Decorating ideas for office

Decoration with snowflakes

There are so many places where you can put snowflakes. First of all, you should make them with paper and by using scissors. Make sure that you have them in all sizes and shapes. You can use tutorials online to get a clearer picture of how to make perfect snowflakes. Once you know how to make them, you can put them all around the office. This will create a unique atmosphere.

Hang a Christmas banner 

As part of the office Xmas decoration ideas, you can use this idea to make everyone welcome to the office. You can hang a Christmas banner that says “Merry Christmas” or “Happy holidays.” No matter which words you choose, make sure it is something positive and welcoming. Again, you can use your creativity to make a banner with some paper and colored pencils. 

As you can see, Christmas decorations for office are simple now that you know how to make them. You can always play with shapes and sizes until you make an ideal combination. 

The best office Christmas decoration comes from our creativity, so do not hesitate to invent something unique for your office. Your employees will certainly enjoy the holidays if you put the time into decorating the office. 

At the end of the day, it is an effort of all of us to make the office a more interesting place where we can work and relax sometimes. The mentioned office Christmas decorating ideas will make the office a more exciting place which we all like to be in.

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