Office Christmas Party Ideas Your Employees Will Be Talking About for Weeks

It’s that time of the year again! Dream of Secret Santa, Ugly Jumpers and, next thing you know, you’re jostling with the accounts over… the office Christmas party! Maybe yours won’t be as wild as the 2016 Hollywood movie of the same name but, if you’re planning to make your office Christmas party a success, here are some tips to help you put together the annual event.

7 Office Christmas Party Ideas, Games & Fun Activities!

There are many office Christmas party ideas that you can implement into your office Christmas party. From playing games to decorating Christmas trees, each activity can be so amusing that your employees will be talking about them for weeks.

Here are some of the employee engagement activities that can make a difference and strengthen the bond between the workers. Keep reading to find out more.

Office Christmas Party

Tip: Don’t mention Brexit at your office festive.

1. Decorating Christmas trees

You can get a few small Christmas trees and give them to the employees to decorate them. They can use their ornaments and sprays to decorate the trees. At the end of the game, you can select the best teams and give them small awards in the form of sweets or free drinks.

2. Playing Bingo games

Bingo is one of the best employee bonding games that you can organize for your coworkers. To play the game, give each employee a Bingo card and encourage players to talk to the guests. When a player gets five descriptions in a row completed, he or she wins the game.

3. Food preparation

Encourage your colleagues to make cakes and sweets at the office. In this manner, they can show their skills in baking and decorating foods. The food choices may be different and they can bake their favorite cake for their colleagues. This will certainly improve employee satisfaction at the office.

4. Include the music

Every Xmas party should be followed by the favorite music of your employees. Give everyone a chance to bring the beat from their favorite band or musician. This will give the coworkers the feeling that they are at the real party. Music makes things better and unforgettable.

5. Pet party 

Many employees have pets at home and Christmas celebrations can be even better if the employees bring their pets to the office. Of course, make sure that each animal is vaccinated and healthy. Pets can add a special kind of atmosphere that will be remembered for a long time.

6. Celebrate Christmas worldwide

There are so many cultures that celebrate Christmas in their own way. From the Spanish to the Italian way, there are many differences and you should celebrate them all. You can play the music from these nations, like the Feliz Navidad for the Spaniard version or any other version of the Christmas song. Celebrate the differences and make sure that each employee brings something special from their culture. This way, you create real employee bonding.

7. Drinks and spirits

Make sure that you have enough drinks at your party. You should avoid spirits that are too strong because your employees might be driving to their homes and you do not want to create a mess. Serve only soft drinks and make sure everyone gets the favorite drink. Ask about favorites before the office Christmas party.

The aforementioned creative office Christmas party ideas will make your employees more connected and entertained. They will certainly remember this party if you organize it well. 

Make sure that each employee is involved and let them bring their own segment of their culture or the area of interest. They can wear special outfits or play their favorite music. Each detail that the employee brings should be appreciated by the group.

Office Christmas party ideas are endless and they can serve you well in the future of your business. If you are a manager or a CEO, you can organize these parties every year and remind your workers that they should have fun on these days.

Christmas time is the most beautiful time to relax and enjoy a party that will be remembered for a long time. This is something that your employees will certainly appreciate.

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