Office Christmas Party Invitation Email Templates

It is the time of year to spread cheer and good tidings and what better way than to celebrate it with your colleagues and co-workers.  With the year coming to a close, most offices are planning the annual holiday party. It is well known that a positive, social environment boosts morale and productivity at work.

In recent times the traditional get together at the workplace has taken a back seat with most people finding not much to cheer about. Reason being layoffs, recessions and a general tightening of budgets all-around. But recent surveys indicate that office parties have made a comeback in a big way. A survey by the coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas found that nearly 76 percent firms plan to hold a holiday party this year, which is a 10 percent gain over last year.

Although a large number of those surveyed said the economy had seen a downturn this year but were ambivalent to the year-end bashes.

A survey of 440 working respondents by Monster found that more than 60 per cent were not happy about attending the Christmas cum year-end party of their respective offices.

Party Invitation Templates

For most companies, the annual Christmas party, get-together or some form of celebration before the holidays is a time to celebrate, mingle and thank everyone for the achievements of the year past.

Big companies and corporate houses generally outsource the Christmas events, so the hard work of organizing the event is passed on to the professionals. If it is being done in-house then it takes a lot of effort and planning. Invitations, venue, catering, ensuring everyone comes, party games (if it is that sort of a party), music, and all the little details that make a good party have to be taken care of.

It is important to get the invitations off first. With communications now going digital, the old- fashioned way of sending printed invites has given way to e-mail ones.

How you word the invitation is important because it sets the tone for the coming party. Whether you keep it formal, casual, cheeky, fun-filled or simple, it depends on the kind of party you are planning, the location, and the guests.

Here are a few ways to get that invite off to the inboxes of your workmates and colleagues.

For a formal office Christmas party there are certain must-haves on the invite:

  • Address the invitation to Mr and Mrs. if there is a better half.
  • Specify the dress code, whether it is a drinks and dinner party, the venue, the date and timing.
  • If you need a confirmation, then specify.
  • If possible, include directions to the venue and specify the theme if any.
  • Insert a thank you note for the good work done by the people.

Here Are A Few Templates of A Christmas Party Invite:

Formal Invites for Party Invitation Templates

a) Mr and Mrs xxx

XXX and Company is pleased to invite you for the annual Christmas party  for cocktails, dinner and music

Saturday, December 14th

Evening 7 O’ Clock onwards

The company is very thankful for all the effort put in by you to make the year a gainful one, and it will be a pleasure to see you at the celebration.

Please do confirm.

XXX & Co.

b) Mr XXX

To celebrate another successful year and your contribution and efforts, XXX Company invites you and your partner to share the holiday spirit at the annual Christmas party on December 14, Saturday.

Venue: XXX Hall

Time: 7-11 pm

Drinks and Dinner will be served.

c) XXX Corp is pleased to invite you and your plus one to the Annual Christmas Ball to celebrate the season.

Venue: Crystal Ball room, Hotel ABC

Date: 19th  December, Saturday. Guests are expected at 7 p.m.

Valet parking is provided

Dress Formal Black Tie

Semi-Formal for Party Invitation Templates

a)You are invited to an evening of laughter and good cheer. Join us for the annual Christmas cocktail party to celebrate the holiday season.

Date: Saturday, December 14

Venue: Corporate hall

Time: 7 p.m.

There will be live music.

b) XXX Corp.

Celebrate the Christmas spirit and spread the holiday cheer with your colleagues at a Dance and Drinks party on Friday, December 13th , 8 p.m.

Venue: Hotel SeBay

Theme: Retro

Dress: Retro Formal

XXX &Co.

c) Join us in welcoming the Festive Season this year with a casual get-together at the ABC Restaurant. Enjoy some wonderful music and conversation with colleagues.

Drinks will be served.

Mark the date on your social calendar: December 18th, Friday

Time: 7 onwards

Cheesy for Party Invitation Templates

a)Escape the cold of the season and warm up at

A not so Silent Night

At the annual Christmas party,

December 20th, Seven p. m. onwards

Hotel xyz

 Hosted by XXX company

b)Jingle all the way to the annual Christmas Party of XXZ and Sons

Dash through the snow to XYZ Hotel

Make the spirits bright and sing songs through the night

From 7 p.m.

Dress: informal

HoHo-pe to see you


c)Whether you have been Naughty or Nice,

Don’t think Twice about joining us for

Some Christmas Cheer

Where: Where else

Time: anytime before midnight

Dress: To Impress

Make an effort to join us, even though you want to be some-place else


Dos and Don’ts of Annual Office Parties

First and foremost, make the effort to attend. It is not mandatory but is expected of you.

Avoid getting drunk. Remember it is an office party and any drunken gaffes will be remarked and commented upon all the year through

“Go into the holiday party knowing it’s a professional environment,” advises a human resource expert. The party might be conducted off-site but it is still an official event.

Socialise mingle with the management and colleagues. It might be a party but still, remember to work the room. Networking helps in a work-related environment. You can meet colleagues from different projects and departments.

Being merry and joining in the fun is the idea but keep an eye out for untoward incidents and do not pose for pictures that might be embarrassing in the light of the next day.

After all, it is the age of social media and Instagram.

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